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Saint Petersburg (2nd edition) Review

Saint Petersburg is an older game, twelve years old to be precise. Published in 2004, but in 2014 they’ve released a second edition, which added new modules to the game and updated the artwork. Let’s take a look at this game from Bernd Brunnhofer and Karl-Heinz Schmiel.


Top 10 Games of Interest – Spiel ’16 edition

  I could have made a list of hundreds of games that could be great, hundreds of games of interest. I could have named Papà Paolo, the Arrival, Aether Captains, Clonk!, Key to the City – London, Fuji Flush, Fabled Fruit, Solarius Mission, Agamemnon, What’s Up, Capital Lux, Freaky, Carcassonne: Amazonas, Dale of Merchants 2. Round House, Ankh, Kingsport Festival: the card game, Microworld, Cottage Garden. I could have named them. But I haven’t. I […]


The Castles of Burgundy Review

As Castles of Burgundy is an older and already well-known game, this is going to be a short review. Many people wrote about the game, made videos and talked about it on podcasts. Why would you read this one? You shouldn’t. It’s just another write-up from someone who likes the game.


The Test of Time: Suburbia

Sim City the board game some say. Definitely a very good game in my opinion. It’s Ted Alpach’s Suburbia. About three years after the review it’s time for a look-back.


Qin Review

I could talk about the theme here. Write down a thematic flavour text. Let’s do that. There’s war! Battle. Uhm, China and pagodas. Higher pagodas and the blue and the red empire clash, politics. And War! War. Here you go, a thematic flavour text.


Top 10 Board Games of 2012

2012, The year of Android Netrunner, Star Wars X-wing miniatures, Legendary: a Marvel Deck Building game and Freedom: the Underground Railroad. All very highly regarded games that I haven’t played. Yet, or maybe not planning to play at all. There were still some other good games that are worth a mention that came out that year. These are my ten favourites.   10: Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island Robinson Crusoe is a very […]