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Top 10 Lunchtime games (or games that take 30 minutes or less)

We’re all very busy of course. Have jobs, kids, a house, garden, things to do. But we want to play games as well, don’t we? Well, then we might be able to slip in a game or two during lunchtime or when the kid sleep. The following ten games are perfect for these occasions. They have simple rule sets, barely any setup time and are very fun to play.


Carrotia Review

Carrotia is the latest game from MAGE company. It’s a realtime, cooperative, family game where a rabbit has to get as much carrots as he can get to feed his family. But beware of the birds, they do not like rabbits.


The Test of Time: Maximum Throwdown

A game about monsters fighting each other. Really? Tell me more! Well, you throw cards on the table. Throwing cards? Yes. Oh……


Asante – Jambo Review

In 2004 Jambo was published, a game by RĂ¼diger Dorn with an African tribal theme. Nine years later he made another game, Asante. Same theme. Same mechanisms. Same game? These two game are so similar that I’m going to review them in the same article. I will discuss the differences, but I can tell you up front; there aren’t many. Both games are economic games. That means in this case that it revolves around […]


Top 10 Overrated Games

Sometimes you play a game that other players like a lot, rave about. You heard good things about it, but after you sat at the table for, lets say, two hours you think: “Say what? How can you..? I don’t understand, I do not like it at all.”



Looking for a game with a strange theme? I present you KUNE v LAKIA: A Chronicle Of A Royal Lapine Divorce Foretold. A game where two royal rabbits are getting a divorce. You are one of those rabbits and you and your soon to be ex-wife or husband have to determine who gets the most out of this divorce. Happiness all around.