Check out the Top 10 Games of Interest – Spiel ’16 edition


Hanamikoji Review

Hanamikoji, a well-known Geisha street in Kyoto, Japan. You walk along this street trying to gain the favours of seven Geisha masters by give them the gifts they long for


Kemet Review

A war game. Kemet is about war, about Egyptian armies fighting each other. Mythical armies with mythical creatures doing mythical stuff.


The Test of Time: The Resistance

The Resistance, a well-known, well-loved, hidden identity game. You go on secret missions. Some of you want to make it a success, others want you to fail. Who is who? Can you figure it out? I posted a review of this game in 2013. I liked it. Do I still like it?


Het Koninkrijk Dominion Review

I just came back from a short vacation in sunny Spain. Possibly played my game of the year there. A review of that game can be read later in the month. I also played another game. And that’s the game I’m going to discus here. It’s ‘het Koninkrijk Dominion’ from 999 Games, which translates into Kingdom Dominion for those from around the globe.


Saint Petersburg (2nd edition) Review

Saint Petersburg is an older game, twelve years old to be precise. Published in 2004, but in 2014 they’ve released a second edition, which added new modules to the game and updated the artwork. Let’s take a look at this game from Bernd Brunnhofer and Karl-Heinz Schmiel.


Top 10 Games of Interest – Spiel ’16 edition

  I could have made a list of hundreds of games that could be great, hundreds of games of interest. I could have named Papà Paolo, the Arrival, Aether Captains, Clonk!, Key to the City – London, Fuji Flush, Fabled Fruit, Solarius Mission, Agamemnon, What’s Up, Capital Lux, Freaky, Carcassonne: Amazonas, Dale of Merchants 2. Round House, Ankh, Kingsport Festival: the card game, Microworld, Cottage Garden. I could have named them. But I haven’t. I […]