Board Games & the Internet – Where to start?

When I started playing board games I knew nothing about them. I knew there were games like Catan or Monopoly, but I don’t think I’ve ever been in a game store when I started my gaming addiction. When you don’t know your stuff, you go look things up. On the world-wide web. I did the same. When you look for board games on the web, you quickly stumble upon bgg, but I also got […]

7 Wonders Duel – Pantheon Review

One of my favourite two-player games is 7 Wonder Duel. It manages take the 7 Wonders idea and make it in to a very tight, very fun two-player game. I was very excited when they announced an expansion for this wonderful game and rushed to the Repos booth when the game was released at Spiel.

Reviews Overview – January 2017

This is a summary of the five reviews I did the previous month. Some fun games were reviewed in January. A nice start of a new year.

Blood Rage Review

I’m a little late. I know. It’s not a new game. I know. There are already more than a hundred reviews of this game on bgg. Yes, I know. However, I still would like to give you my opinion about Blood Rage, a game from Eric M. Lang and CMON Limited. A game of broad-shouldered men and an unhealthy collection of underboob. A Viking saga where dying in battle is the most glorious thing you can do.

The Test of Time: Hanabi

Hanabi was very popular for a while. It did something that people hadn’t seen, had not played before. You kept your hand of cards backwards. You could not see your own cards, but by looking at the other players’ cards and hints from those same players you could figure out what you had in your hand and what you had to play. In my review then I recommended it. Do I like it still?   Oh, and Hanabi […]

Honshu Review

Honshu is a card placement, or map building, game with a trick taking element set in Feudal Japan. Well, you have to look very hard to find that theme in this game, but the game looks good and that’s also something. What about the game itself? Trick taking combined with card placement, sounds interesting..