Where art thou, Romeo? Review

Designer: Michael Eskue Artist: Adam McIver, Darrel Louder Publisher: Crash Games Number of Players: 3-5 Playtime: 5-10 minutes Price (approx.):2 Euro Overview: The story: Juliet is looking for Romeo. He is out there. Somewhere. Isn’t he? What you get for your money: 5 cards and the rules. How do you play the game: 1 Player takes the role of Juliet and gets the Juliet card. The other players randomly get a card with two […]

Council of Verona (+ the Poison Expansion) Review

Designer: Michael Eskue Artist: Adam McIver, Darrel Louder Publisher: Crash Games Number of Players: 2-5 Playtime: 15-45 minutes Price (approx.):  15 Euro (??) A review of the Kickstarter version. Verona. Romeo and Juliet are madly in love, their families can’t get along very well. Somebody’s got to change that. You know the drill. Overview: What you get for your money: 17 Character cards, 1 Council and 1 Exile card, 20 influence tokens, 5 reference […]

Targi Review

For centuries, the Tuareg are living in the Sahara region. The men, veiled, and the women, who are very important, have a nomadic lifestyle, living in tents and heavily depending on trade, livestock breeding and agriculture. Salt is an important commodity and dates and dried meat are too. Overview What you get for your money Cards: 45 tribal cards, 19 commodity cards and 16 border cards. Date, salt and pepper tokens, ten of each. […]

Bruges Review

Bruges, a wealthy city in 15th century Europe. The city flourishes and you want a piece of the pie. Influence the townsfolk, high and low-born, to gain power, reputation and wealth. Build houses, canals and statues. Your name will be known and people will greet you warmly when they see you. But be aware, it’s a balancing act, one whisper of a bad deed can turn into a large scale riot. One tiny spark […]

Coup Review

Chaos. The government has fallen.  Some individuals see an opportunity to gain absolute power. But in every power struggle, there are victims. Don’t be a victim and rise to the top. Overview: What do you get for your money? 15 Character cards, 6 player aids, 50 coins and the rules. How do you play the game? There are 5 characters in the game, they all have a special ability. 3 Cards of each character. […]

Race for the Galaxy Review

Designer: Thomas Lehmann Publisher: Rio Grande Games Number of Players: 2-4 Playtime: 30 minutes Price (approx.): 30 Euro     In a distant future we have expanded far beyond our current boundaries. Our technology is much more advanced than it is now. We’ve discovered new worlds, seen strange organisms, found rare elements and on some of our expeditions we’ve seen hints of an advanced alien race. Abandoned ships, planets and writings that we cannot read.. What does […]

Hanabi Review

A game about fireworks, colourful fireworks that are going like ‘Boom!’ and ‘Iiiiih!’ and ‘Woosh!’ and then people go like ‘Aahhh…’ In Hanabi, a cooperative card game from Antoine Bauza, you and your friends work together to create an amazing firework show. You have to place coloured cards on the table in the right order. However you cannot see the front of your own cards. Oh no! The other players have to guide you […]

Aladdin’s Dragons Review

Morgenland (999 Games // Dutch version)  Designer: Richard Breese Publisher: 999 Games Number of Players: 3-5 Playtime: 90 minutes Price (approx.):  20 Euro Long, long ago, a powerful sultan ruled over a bustling Persian city. He, once, was a rich man, but not anymore. All his treasures were stolen and hidden in the deep caves below the city, guarded by dangerous dragons. The sultan wants his treasures back and will reward the ones who […]