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Bruges: The City on the Zwin Review

Good games need expansions, right? Or are games good because they don’t need to expanded? I don’t know, my brain hurts. Why such difficult questions? I only know that Bruges is a game I like and there’s this expansion, which I’ve played, called City on the Zwin. Do I like this one too? Do you need to buy it? Well, I wrote this review to answers those questions, so you might want to read […]

12 Realms: Ancestors Legacy Review

Four new worlds opened up. This expansion takes you into the mythical and mystical realms of Ancient Greece, Egypt with its pyramids, the Kievan Empire and the legendary Golden Caliphate. With these realms come new heroes, but also new threats and enemies. You can go on exciting missions that tell you a different story and give you different goals every other game. Are you ready for a new challenge? Overview What do you get for […]

Machi Koro: Harbor Expansion Review

Your city has grown and has benefited greatly from the investments you’ve made. However, to stay on for an additional term as mayor you have to step up your game. Machi Koro: Harbor expansion brings bigger, better and more luxurious buildings. That’s what the people want. So get of your feet and go work for your money! Overview What do you get for your money? 73 Cards and the rules. How do you play […]

Race for the Galaxy: The Gathering Storm Review

Overview: The story: The Gathering storm. The prelude to the inevitable: WAR! What you get for your money: A couple of new cards: 4 start worlds, 10 new world cards, 1 replacement Gambling world card, 8 developments cards, 9 player cards for a fifth player and  18 black cards. Some more victory point tokens: 7×1, 1×5, 1×10 and eight new 3 VP chips. You also get 4 “most” and 6 “first” goals. Plus, you […]

Among the Stars: The Ambassadors Review

The reconstruction of space stations is a tougher task than expected. But do not despair, Ambassadors from all races are on the way. Use their knowledge wisely.   Overview: What do you get for your money? Again, lots of card. 48 Ambassador and 30 bureau cards. You also get 60 new basic locations, 30 new special locations and 4 new objectives. 1 new race is added to the mix, the Exodai. Plus, 10 location […]

Hive Review (+ 3 expansions)

      Bugs on my window, trying to get in. They don’t go nowhere. Waiting, waiting. Bugs on my ceiling. Crowded the floor. Standing, sitting kneeling. A few block the door. Do I kill them? Become their friend?   Overview: What you get for your money: 22 Bakelite pieces (11 black and 11 white). How do you play the game: Hive is about real bugs, it’s not a metaphor for something entirely different. […]