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Targi: Die Erweiterung Review

Targi is one of my favourite two-player games. Last year the expansion for the game came out, cleverly called Targi: Die Erweiterung, or The Expansion. I’m not always fond of expansions and I have very few games that I play that much to justify buying new content. Sometimes I make an exception for those games I really, really like.

Glüx Review

Glüx, with light your way as its under-title, is an abstract game from Queen Games. You have to light up several rooms on the board and make sure your colour of light shines the brightest. From that description you probably have no idea how the game is played, but let me explain and let me tell you that I was positively surprised by this game.

Reviews Overview – February 2017

Due to my son not feeling well during the month of February and myself being not well at some point too I didn’t have the time and energy to review many games. Only one small review was posted and it was an expansion.

MAGE Company Contest —ENDED—

  It’s contest time! In collaboration with MAGE Company and in anticipation of their upcoming Kickstarter campaign of 12 Realms – Dungeonland we offer you a cool prize if you can answer some question about their games correctly. And, of course, check out the Dungeonland page if you like dungeon-crawling games.   Although it has 12 Realms in the title, Dungeonland has nothing to do with that game other than it takes place in […]

Board Games & the Internet – Where to start?

When I started playing board games I knew nothing about them. I knew there were games like Catan or Monopoly, but I don’t think I’ve ever been in a game store when I started my gaming addiction. When you don’t know your stuff, you go look things up. On the world-wide web. I did the same. When you look for board games on the web, you quickly stumble upon bgg, but I also got […]

7 Wonders Duel – Pantheon Review

One of my favourite two-player games is 7 Wonder Duel. It manages take the 7 Wonders idea and make it in to a very tight, very fun two-player game. I was very excited when they announced an expansion for this wonderful game and rushed to the Repos booth when the game was released at Spiel.