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Sushi Go! Recensie

Phil Walker-Harding heeft wel meer leuke spelletje ontworpen, denk aan Archaelogy: the Card Game, maar Sushi Go! zal een van de bekendste spellen van hem zijn. Het spel bestaat uit het doorgeven van sushi. Verschillende soorten leveren op een verschillende manier punten op in dit compacte kaartspel van White Goblin Games. Overzicht: Een korte uitleg: Het spel gaat als volgt: elke rond start je met een aantal kaarten in je hand, je kiest er […]

2014: the Numbers

It’s the end of the year and as a guy who reviews board games once in a while, I’m obliged to post a list. That’s just part of the deal. No, this is not going to be a best of 2014 list. I’ll post that one a couple of months into 2015. This is only a summary of the year. What games did I play a lot? What games did I review and liked? Were […]

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Review

Many, many people love detective stories. They read them or watch television series or films about the famous men and women who practice this profession. Probably the most famous of them all is Sherlock Holmes. In Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective you can test your skills as a detective. You must solve difficult murder cases, all by yourself or with the help of your friends. Do you have it in you to match the skills […]

Diamonds Review

As a gamer you probably want to play games during the holidays, right? What’s better than sitting around the diner table, enjoying a nice talk and a cup of eggnog, while playing a fun game. But not every family member is a game connoisseur, like you are. They might never have played a modern board game in their entire life. However, they’ve might have played a traditional card game once in their lives. Mmh, […]

La Isla Review

“You thought the Dodo was extinct? The Owlet Moth? The Golden Toad? Oh, you are wrong, mate. There’s an island in the middle of a vast ocean. It’s called La Isla. It will be a difficult journey, but I can take you there. Are you interested? Hop aboard, we are leaving now.” ‘An island called the island with long thought extinct animals on it? How convenient. I’m an explorer you know, I explore things. […]

Alchemists Review

You jump out of bed. There’s no time for a shower, no time for breakfast either. You pick something up along the way. New, fresh ingredients are needed. The earlier you get up, the better the pickings! A toad, a scorpion, into the cauldron, that must be right. Brilliant, a speed potion. Can’t remember, you must write it down. You know what, you’re going to publish. Everybody should know how great you are. Who […]