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Printemplaying: Frederick Fleet

The next game in my 2014 Solitaire Print and Play Contest review series, I give you Frederick Fleet. In Frederick Fleet, a game by Weston Stapleton, you are the lookout of the Titanic. Find a safe path past the iceberg and you win the game. In this little Print and Play game you’ll have to print out a small game board, 16 tiles and 14 cards. On fourteen tiles you will find four of the eight […]

The Builders: Middle Ages Review

Overview: The story: You could hear the yelling from afar. Two blocks away, a right turn, through the alleyway, and then in the middle of the town square stood three men, arguing. Without a roof, there’s no building at all! At least no building I want to live in, with all the rain pouring in. I’m definitely the most important builder, the roofer said. No, no, no! I’m most important builder. I’m good with […]

Printemplaying: 2014 Solitaire Print and Play Contest

Today I start with reviewing 2014 Solitaire Print and Play Contest entries. To be honest I’ve already reviewed one of them a month ago, but from now on I’ll be posting reviews of other ones at irregular intervals. The contest ends on September 13th 2014 and the voting start a week prior to that. I probably will not review every game, because of time, paper and time. However, I’ll print and play the games […]

Printemplaying: Case #27

Take a look at this little booklet. Inside you’ll find Case #27. An old murder case, a forgotten case and most importantly an unsolved case. That’s where you come in. As a detective, you have to gather all the previously overlooked pieces of information and solve this murder. Case #27 from designer E. Nate Kurth is an odd duck in the 2014 Solitaire Print and Play Contest. It’s a solitaire social deduction game. Say what? […]

Printemplaying: Grunts

One of the entries for the 2014 Solitaire Print and Play Contest is Grunts from 8Rad Games. You only need to print out one sheet of paper and find yourself a set of dice and 6 coins. It’s a squad level war game with cool black and white illustrations, all very printer friendly. Each coin represents a squad of soldiers. There are four fronts with one rally point. You have to move from one […]

Hapsburg Eclipse Review

Overview: The story: Hapsburg Eclipse is a solitaire States of Siege game set in Eastern Europe during World War I from 1914-1918. What do you get for your money? In the box you will find two 11″x 17″ maps, one paper and one mounted jigsaw map. Also, you’ll get 66 game pieces, 50 event cards, 2 six-side dice and the rules. How do you play the game? In Hapsburg Eclipse, you, the player, control […]

Nations Review

Overview: The story: To understand a man, you must know his memories. The same is true of a Nation. What do you get for your money? You’ll get a Score board, a Progress board, 5 two-sided Player boards, 13 workers and 5 disks in five colours, a War disk, a Round disk, 15 Architect cubes, 296 Progress cards, 48 Event cards, 5 Player order cards, 24 Solo event tiles, 4 Player aid tiles, 60 […]

Valley of the Kings Review

Overview: The story: Deeper and deeper he went. Strange shapes were visible on the corridor walls. The walls almost seemed to move. The light of the lantern, caught in a sinister dance with the ancient darkness, travelled only a few meters ahead. Piles and piles of rubble between him and the entrance. Between him and artefacts of immeasurable value. Between him and the lives and deaths of the great kings of old. What do […]