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Printemplaying: Muses

Muses is a solo dice game from designer Adam Taylor. It’s a small game, very small. You only need to print nine cards and three tokens. The nine cards represent the nine muses. Every muse has a condition on every side, a power and it is worth some points. A condition might be something like: ‘roll seven or higher’ or ‘two odd numbered dice’. The powers are things like ‘flip a die’, ‘re-roll’ or […]

Printemplaying: …and then we held hands…

Relationships. Sometimes successful, sometimes not. When it does not go the way you think it should go, you can quit and leave everything behind or you can try a little harder and fix what is broken… …and then we held hands.. is a two-player, cooperative, abstract strategy game from designers David Chircop and Yannick Massa. You are a couple fighting for their relationship, you go through all kind of emotions and you need to […]

Telestrations Review

Overview: The story: Are you that guy who can only draw stick figures and smiley faces? The houses, cars and trees you draw are completely out of proportion? And the dog that you’ve just drawn just begs to be killed? What if there was a game where you can exploit these dubious talents? What you get for your money: 100 double-sided cards, 8 dry erase booklets, 8 dry erase markers, 8 wipes, 1 sand […]

Wits & Wagers Review

  Overview: The story: PARTY!! Christmastime, with the whole family, all together. ‘Who wants to play a game?!’ Heads turn. ‘I’ve got this trivia game. Great fun.’  You see that everyone thinks: ‘OK, could be fun. We don’t have anything better to do, do we?’  Your aunt does have something better to do and stands up to refill her glass with more wine. The other family members, it’s too late for them, team up […]

Printemplaying: Maquis

You play as members of the French Resistance, Maquisards, during World War II. Your objective is to free your beloved France, starting with this town your are in.      Maquis is a worker placement game from designer Jake Staines. You, a group of three maquisards, are stationed in a town and your goal is to complete two missions within 15 days. A missions could be destroying a train or distribute an underground newspaper.  […]

Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island Review

    Overview: The story: It’s been six months. Six months since I’ve seen my wife, my son. Six months since we washed up on the beach of this wretched island. I’ve been lying here for hours, staring at the clear blue sky. It’s extremely hot and I’m exhausted. Last night has taken its toll. We had to defend our camp against a hungry leopard. The roof of the tent has been destroyed and […]

Printemplaying: Black Sheep and White Sheep

A 2-player game from designer Jason Lin. You have to print a credit card sized board, a bridge with four spaces. You also need five similar coins for the black player and five smaller or larger coins for the white player. You can also use wooden sheep. You shake your sheep (I’m really writing this, am I?) and drop them on the table (the horror..) to see which sheep are standing up and which […]

Timeline: Inventions Review

Overview: The story: History class all over again. What you get for your money: 109 cards and the rules. How do you play the game: A different kind of history class. At least, I never had to learn when the cork was invented. There are 109 cards with pictures and names of many inventions on the front. On the back of these cards you find the same picture, but you also find the date […]