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Limes Review

At some point the Roman Empire stretched from the North of Britain, through Europe, to the lands of North Africa. The limites represented the borders of this vast empire. In Limes, a two-player game from Martyn F, you create your own empire. You must protect your fertile farmlands, your fishing grounds and your beautiful forests from the barbaric hordes by cleverly building watchtowers with garrisons of well armed watchmen. Only then your empire will […]

Greed Review

You’re a nobody. A tiny, despicable bug on the wall. But you got to start somewhere if you want to make it to the top. From an insignificant mugger, to the brain of a giant museum heist. You will not stop until you become the big boss, the one who only gives orders. The one who gets all the money. Your greediness doesn’t have any limits. ‘Enough’ does not appear in your dictionary. This is […]

One Play Post: Number Eight

Rielekst is publishing three two-player abstract titles under the label epstRekt and I had the pleasure of playing two of them during the latest edition of the Spellenspektakel (a Dutch board game fair) and I like to discuss them briefly in One Play Post: Number Eight. The first one is Samsara from designer Thomas Weber. In this game you try to get as many marbles in your hole at your side of the board. […]

Doodle City Recensie

Dobbelen en lijntjes trekken. Dat is ongeveer het enige dat je moet kunnen in Doodle City, een spel van Eilif Svensson, Kristian Amundsen Østby en 999 Games. De stad heeft je nodig! Leg nieuwe wegen aan om woonwijken te verbinden met winkelcentra, bouw hotels en zorg ervoor dat alles goed bereikbaar is met taxi’s. De inwoners van jouw stad zullen dat zeker waarderen. Overzicht: Een korte uitleg: Voor je zie je een stad met hotels, […]

Doodle City Review

  Rolling some dice and drawing some lines is all you need to do in Doodle City, a game from Eilif Svensson and Kristian Amundsen Østby. A city needs roads and you are the one that makes it all happen. Shopkeepers need you, taxi drivers need you and hotel managers need you. Some overnight work and there it is; a brand new road, right in front of them. New customers start pouring into the city and into their establishments.  A […]

Clover Review

A four-leaf clover brings luck to the person who finds it, but you can make your own luck, right? In this game, you play cards in the form of a clover. There are cards with a long-term effect and there are ones with a short-term effects. Will you be the first player to get rid of all his cards? Clover, a family style card game from Rielekst. A little thwarting doesn’t harm anybody… Overview: […]