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Race for the Galaxy: The Gathering Storm Review

Overview: The story: The Gathering storm. The prelude to the inevitable: WAR! What you get for your money: A couple of new cards: 4 start worlds, 10 new world cards, 1 replacement Gambling world card, 8 developments cards, 9 player cards for a fifth player and  18 black cards. Some more victory point tokens: 7×1, 1×5, 1×10 and eight new 3 VP chips. You also get 4 “most” and 6 “first” goals. Plus, you […]

Dominion Review

You are a king of a wonderful vast country. Your army is strong, the soil fertile, the sky blue and the bird are singing. But you are not satisfied, no, you want to be the richest, most respected, most successful ruler in the whole area.   Overview: What you get for your money: Well you get a lot of cards, 130 money, 48 victory point, 252 kingdom, 30 curse, 33 location and 7 blank […]

Among the Stars: The Ambassadors Review

The reconstruction of space stations is a tougher task than expected. But do not despair, Ambassadors from all races are on the way. Use their knowledge wisely.   Overview: What do you get for your money? Again, lots of card. 48 Ambassador and 30 bureau cards. You also get 60 new basic locations, 30 new special locations and 4 new objectives. 1 new race is added to the mix, the Exodai. Plus, 10 location […]

SOS Titanic Review

   There was this ship and this ship hit an iceberg. The ship couldn’t take it and sank within three hours or so. The crew tried to save as many people as possible, rich and poor. Women and children first! True story.. Overview: What you get for your money: 60 Passenger cards (26 1st class, 34 2ndclass), 20 action cards and 10 crew member cards and the rules. You also get a Titanic booklet, […]

Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation Review

  Everybody knows about this one, right? Frodo and the fellowship want to get to Mordor. Throw the one ring into Mount Doom. Sauron will do anything to prevent that. He wants the ring back. Overview: What you get for your money: A small board with a map of Middle Earth, 9 white and 9 dark stands with 18 character tiles, 9 for the dark and 9 for the white player. 9 cards for […]

Mount Everest Review

You’ve done it all. You’ve climbed every mountain, no peak is too high. Time to retire? No, no! One last job. The challenge of challenges: to drag fat tourists up a mountain, to the top of the world: Mount Everest. Overview: What you get for your money: A double-sided board with an easy and a hard side, 10 guide boards (2 of each colour), 15 pawns (3 of each colour), 10 camp tiles (2 […]

Hive Review (+ 3 expansions)

      Bugs on my window, trying to get in. They don’t go nowhere. Waiting, waiting. Bugs on my ceiling. Crowded the floor. Standing, sitting kneeling. A few block the door. Do I kill them? Become their friend?   Overview: What you get for your money: 22 Bakelite pieces (11 black and 11 white). How do you play the game: Hive is about real bugs, it’s not a metaphor for something entirely different. […]

Lost Cities Review

The Lost Cities need to be found. You, a great explorer, are going to try that. You travel through hot deserts, damp forests and over Himalayan mountains. Overview: What you get for your money: 60 cards, one small board and the rules. How do you play the game: A simple game about rows of cards. Five expeditions in five colours with cards numbered from 2 to 10 and with three investment cards per expedition.  […]