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Valley of the Kings Review

Overview: The story: Deeper and deeper he went. Strange shapes were visible on the corridor walls. The walls almost seemed to move. The light of the lantern, caught in a sinister dance with the ancient darkness, travelled only a few meters ahead. Piles and piles of rubble between him and the entrance. Between him and artefacts of immeasurable value. Between him and the lives and deaths of the great kings of old. What do […]

Printemplaying: Elevenses for One

Elevenses for One is a solo PnP game from designer David Harding. It’s a card game with 11 cards. 11 Cards! (And two timer cards.) The game is one of the entries for the 2014 Solitaire Print and Play Contest and this is how it works. The goal of the game is to load your Tea Trolley with all the necessities required for morning tea before the clock strikes 11! Place the two timer […]

Eight-Minute Empire: Legends Review

Overview: The story: It’s been a fine day. No rain and the sheep have been grazing carelessly for hours. Their bellies full. Well, now it’s my turn. The boy took a loaf of bread, a piece of cheese and a small knife from his knapsack and made himself comfortable on a rock halfway up the hill. He broke off a piece of the bread and cut off some slivers of cheese. He took a […]

One Play Post: Number Seven

Alien Frontiers A game of mining ore, using orbital facilities, building colonies and exploiting alien technologies. A worker placement game in space, with dice from designer Tory Niemann. Every player starts with three dice, these are the ships you use as workers throughout the game. You also get a couple of colonies, depending on the amount of players, and one Alien Tech card, which gives you an advantage or ability throughout the game. The […]

One Play Post: Number Six

Ingenious Ingenious is an abstract game from Reiner Knizia from 2004 and this year we, gamers, celebrate its 10th anniversary (or not if you don’t like it of course). I’ve played the ‘real’ game only once, but the the iOS version a lot, a couple times Pass and Play and many times against the AI. The rules are easy. There are six symbols and a game tile consists of two hexagons attached together in […]

The Rivals for Catan Review

Overview: The story: Colonize, explore, expand and fight for your people in the land of Catan. What you get for your money: You get 94 basic, 27 Era of Gold, 28 Era of Turmoil and 31 Era of Progress cards. In addition to the cards you get 1 hero token, 1 trade token, 1 production die, 1 event die and the rules. How do you play the game: The Rivals for Catan is a […]