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De Mol Recensie

Het verzet is geïnfiltreerd! Niemand vertrouwt elkaar nog. Wie is een verzetsstrijder en wie is een Mol? Ondertussen moet het werk gewoon doorgaan, er moet een regering ten val worden gebracht, missies moeten worden volbracht. Maar wie neem je mee en wie laat je thuis in De Mol, een spel van Don Eskridge en 999 Games. Overzicht: Een korte uitleg: Aan het begin van het spel worden er rol kaarten uitgedeeld. Een speler is […]

The Resistance Review

Dark times. An evil government sows fear amongst their people. The streets are empty at night. Adversaries are disappearing. A whole nation is silenced. But there are whispers in the dark, whispers of a group. A group of brave people who dare to take a stand against the mighty Empire. But the Empire is cunning and has infiltrated this group, trying to break The Resistance apart. Overview What do you get for your money? […]

King & Assassins Review

Designer:  Łukasz Woźniak Publisher: Galakta Number of Players: 2 Playtime: 20 minutes Price (approx.): 25 Euro  An evil king has returned from a pleasant hunting trip, while he just raised the taxes a week ago. His knights are on his side. On the streets, the mood is very agitated. The people are stirring. Riots might break out. Whispers of murder. The king is stubborn, he does not want to see it. He decides to […]

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game Review

Designer: Nate French   Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games Number of Players: 1-2 Playtime: 45-60 minutes Price (approx.): 35 Euro  You find yourself in the world of J.R.R. Tolkien, the world of Lord of the Rings, the world of the Hobbit. The story takes places in a time between these two stories. You lead a party of heroes, you will travel to places far, far away, fight the scariest creatures and have adventures beyond your imagination. […]

Spiel ’13: Expansions I would like to own, but how much do they add to the base game??

Well, now I’ll show you some expansions I’ve got my eye on. Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar – Tribes & Prophecies Designer: Simone Luciani & Daniele Tascini Publisher: Czech Games Edition Number of Players: 2-5 Playtime: 90 minutes Expands: Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar In Tribes and Prophecies, each player now becomes the leader of a particular tribe, each of which has a special ability that only that player can use. With this expansion, the game […]

Spiel ’13: Games that I want, but probably won’t buy. Yet. Or will I??

Here are some of the games from Spiel ’13 that I’m looking forward to. Four out of a massive amount candidates. I don’t know yet if I’m going to buy these at Essen (I have a very limited budget), wait until they arrive here in the Netherlands or never buy them at all, who knows.     Yunnan Designer: Aaron Haag Publisher: Argentum Verlag Number of Players: 2-5 Playtime: 90 minutes Each of you leads […]

Urbion Review

Designer: Shadi Torbey Publisher: Z-Man Games Number of Players: 1-2 Playtime: 15 minutes Price (approx.):  10 Euro Good and bad dreams live in harmony in the city of Equilibrion. You must keep it that way, but beware, chaos is lurking around the corner.  Overview: What you get for your money: The rules and 106 cards. How do you play the game: There are basically three types of cards in the base game: City, Dream […]

Tzolk’in: the Mayan Calendar Review

Designer: Simone Luciani & Daniele Tascini Publisher: Czech Games Edition, The Game Master Number of Players: 2-4 Playtime: 75-90 minutes Price (approx.): 45 Euro  Tzolk’in is a 260 day long calendar used by the Mayans. They combined 20 day names with 13 day numbers to create a calendar that was used in their daily life. Perhaps to determine the dates of harvest or some rituals? In this game you will represent a Mayan tribe […]