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Warlock Review

Overview: The story: Freedom is your part If you do as I state Mortal creature don’t ever thwart Feel the power and have faith Build an empire Form your estate Lord Maldorf (from the Warlock rulebook) What you get for your money: In the box are five player boards, a Hubba’s bar board, 120 creature cards, 15 reference cards, 15 dragon cards, 14 devastated city cards, a, Elrohir, starting player card, an, Tonar, auctioneer […]

Printemplaying: Sushi Go!

Sushi Go! is a drafting and set collection game from designer Phil Warker-Harding. It’s been published by Adventureland Games, but it’s not readily available here in the Netherlands, so I’ve printed the cards and started playing. (edit: there is a Dutch version available right now from White Goblin Games and if you’re Dutch you can read all about it when you click the flag above!) The game is all about drafting. There are 108 sushi […]

My Social Life As a Board Gamer

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One Play Post: Number Three

Terra Mystica In Terra Mystica, there is so much to do and you can probably play it in so many ways that it’s impossible to do a proper overview and review after one play, but here is a very short overview and some of my thoughts. Several races compete with each other for lands in Terra Mystica, races are bound to their home environment, so to expand they must terraform the lands around them […]

Coney Island Review

Overview: The story: ‘Mom!! Look at that guy! He just made a whole rabbit disappear!!’ The large crowd was driven apart. ‘Come and see!’ A big man with a top hat, standing on an open cart, pulled by an emaciated mule, was passing through, the man’s large moustache blowing in the wind, like a bird in flight. ‘Come and see! Come and see! Wonderful freaks of nature! The two-headed woman! The winged pig and […]

Fungi Review

Overview: The Story: ‘Ah, François, springtime is almost here. You can smell it!’, Emile said while he pointed his hands towards the sky. ‘Isn’t it a prefect day for a nice walk in the forest?’ François nodded. He was walking silently besides him, walking stick in one hand and a half-eaten apple in the other. ‘Itsssure is, itssure is’, he snorted, tiny pieces of apple were flying everywhere. He swallowed. ‘We must surely keep […]