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Targi: Die Erweiterung Review

Targi is one of my favourite two-player games. Last year the expansion for the game came out, cleverly called Targi: Die Erweiterung, or The Expansion. I’m not always fond of expansions and I have very few games that I play that much to justify buying new content. Sometimes I make an exception for those games I really, really like.

7 Wonders Duel – Pantheon Review

One of my favourite two-player games is 7 Wonder Duel. It manages take the 7 Wonders idea and make it in to a very tight, very fun two-player game. I was very excited when they announced an expansion for this wonderful game and rushed to the Repos booth when the game was released at Spiel.

Hanamikoji Review

Hanamikoji, a well-known Geisha street in Kyoto, Japan. You walk along this street trying to gain the favours of seven Geisha masters by give them the gifts they long for

Asante – Jambo Review

In 2004 Jambo was published, a game by Rüdiger Dorn with an African tribal theme. Nine years later he made another game, Asante. Same theme. Same mechanisms. Same game? These two game are so similar that I’m going to review them in the same article. I will discuss the differences, but I can tell you up front; there aren’t many. Both games are economic games. That means in this case that it revolves around […]


Looking for a game with a strange theme? I present you KUNE v LAKIA: A Chronicle Of A Royal Lapine Divorce Foretold. A game where two royal rabbits are getting a divorce. You are one of those rabbits and you and your soon to be ex-wife or husband have to determine who gets the most out of this divorce. Happiness all around.

7 Wonders: Duel Recensie

Een aantal weken geleden eindigde ik mijn Essen preview met te vertellen dat ik erg naar 7 Wonder: Duel uitkeek en ik zeg het nogmaals: ‘Antoine Bauza. Bruno Cathala. 7 Wonders. Twee-speler spel. Genoeg gezegd.’ Nou, ik heb het spel gekocht, gespeeld en nu kun je lezen wat ik ervan vind.