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Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra Review

Een recensie van Azul – Stained Glass of Sintra ontworpen door Michael Kiesling , met illustraties van Chris Quilliams en uitgegeven door Next Move Games.

The Climbers Review

The Climbers, van Holger Lanz en 999 Games, is een fantastisch abstract spel waar jij en je tegenstanders de hoogte in gaan. Hoger en hoger klim je. Ben je de hoogste klimmer aan het einde van het spel, dan win je. Eenvoudig, maar oh zo leuk.

De Startspelers Aflevering 16 – Breinbrekers

Geen toeters en bellen. Geen fratsen. Vandaag gaan we terug naar de kern met onze favoriete abstracte spellen. Aflevering zestien van De Startspelers – Breinbrekers. 

Azul Review

Je kent ze wel die geinige blauwe vloertegeltjes met die gekke patroontjes. In Azul probeer je van die bontgekleurde Portugese tegeltjes een stijlvolle vloer te maken en dit is lastiger dan je denkt. 

Glüx Review

Glüx, with light your way as its under-title, is an abstract game from Queen Games. You have to light up several rooms on the board and make sure your colour of light shines the brightest. From that description you probably have no idea how the game is played, but let me explain and let me tell you that I was positively surprised by this game.

Qin Review

I could talk about the theme here. Write down a thematic flavour text. Let’s do that. There’s war! Battle. Uhm, China and pagodas. Higher pagodas and the blue and the red empire clash, politics. And War! War. Here you go, a thematic flavour text.

Tigris & Euphrates Quick Review

I just decided that all the games from my top 50 that haven’t got a full or quick review need one too. So, today I start with a quick review of Tigris & Euphrates from Reiner Knizia, designed in 1997 and recently re-published by Fantasy Flight Games.

Lumis: Der Pfad des Feuers Review

Lumis: Der Pfad des Feuers is a two to four player abstract game from Stephen Glenn. He is the designer of Balloon Cup, a game I really like, and other games, like 1st & Goal and Rattlebones. In this game you try to connect two sides of the board with a path of fire pieces in your colour. You can play a two-player game or play the team versus team game. Can you take […]