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Greedy Kingdoms Review

In Greedy Kingdoms, een spel voor twee spelers van Hayato Kisaragi en Bruno Faidutti, proberen de spelers als eerste twee paleizen te bouwen met behulp van verschillende karakters uit hun koninkrijk.

The Test of Time: Aladdin’s Dragons

Originally reviewed in November 2013 and still a very good game, also apparent from my top 100 listing. It’s my twenty-fourth favourite game. That shows that I still love the game and would still like recommend the game to others, like I did in 2013. The worker placement mechanism combined with blind bidding and bluffing is very fun, very exciting. The magic cards add some chaos to the game and the rest of the game […]

MammuZ Recensie

MammuZ; een bluf-spel voor 3 tot 7 personen van Nikolay Pegasov, uitgegeven door ABACUSSPIELE en Hobby World.

MammuZ Review

While every species dies out in a game of MammuZ, the dinosaurs will survive. Extinction is the goal. Deer, hares, gophers and mammoths; they all meet their doom. You just have to make sure that you get rid of your animals first in this, three to seven player, card game from Nikolay Pegasov.

Broom Service Review

Don’t you hate it when you really want to put a nice root based potion in your witch’s brew and you have none? The feeling you get when you open your potion cabinet, and there’s nothing there? Well, we have the solution. Call our highly-rated Broom Service. We have the best potions in the land. Call us within the next hour and you’ll receive a beautiful leather flask holder for free. Wow! Call zero […]

The Test of Time: Love Letter

If one game took the board gaming world by storm the last couple of years, it’s got to be Love Letter from Seniji Kenai. It created a whole new category of board games called micro games. Well, not created it, but it made a lot of people interested in these big games in tiny packages and many other micro games were published after it. In my earlier review I stated that I really liked […]