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Rob ‘n Run Review

Ik ben zeker geen fan van coöperatieve spellen, maar Rob ‘n Run is een grote uitzondering. Je werkt namelijk samen zonder te overleggen. Iedereen moet dus echt helemaal zelf zijn beslissingen nemen en zelf het spel spelen. Er is dus niemand die het spel kan domineren, wat normaal veruit de grootste afknapper is bij coöperatieve spellen.

The Test of Time: Hanabi

Hanabi was very popular for a while. It did something that people hadn’t seen, had not played before. You kept your hand of cards backwards. You could not see your own cards, but by looking at the other players’ cards and hints from those same players you could figure out what you had in your hand and what you had to play. In my review then I recommended it. Do I like it still?   Oh, and Hanabi […]

Watson & Holmes: From the Diaries of 221B Review

Sherlock Holmes, a character that captures many people’s imagination and a character not unknown to board games. Think of Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, Mr. Jack or A Study in Emerald. All games that are quite well-regarded and have their fans. Watson & Holmes: From the Diaries of 221B, published by Ludonova, is a new(ish) deduction game set in the Sherlock universe and it’s getting a new edition in 2017, published by Space Cowboys. So, let’s find out if it’s worth your money, shall we.

The Test of Time: The Resistance

The Resistance, a well-known, well-loved, hidden identity game. You go on secret missions. Some of you want to make it a success, others want you to fail. Who is who? Can you figure it out? I posted a review of this game in 2013. I liked it. Do I still like it?

The Test of Time: Love Letter

If one game took the board gaming world by storm the last couple of years, it’s got to be Love Letter from Seniji Kenai. It created a whole new category of board games called micro games. Well, not created it, but it made a lot of people interested in these big games in tiny packages and many other micro games were published after it. In my earlier review I stated that I really liked […]

Witness Review

Witness takes you into the world of Blake and Mortimer, a comic series from the Belgian writer Edgar P. Jacobs. In these comics Professor Mortimer and his dear friend and MI5 agent Captain Blake go on all kinds of adventures. Most of them concerning the evil Colonel Olrik. In this game you are one of four characters from these stories and you try to solve several mysterious cases by whispering personal clues to the […]

Alchemists Review

You jump out of bed. There’s no time for a shower, no time for breakfast either. You pick something up along the way. New, fresh ingredients are needed. The earlier you get up, the better the pickings! A toad, a scorpion, into the cauldron, that must be right. Brilliant, a speed potion. Can’t remember, you must write it down. You know what, you’re going to publish. Everybody should know how great you are. Who […]

BraveRats Review

BraveRats from Seniji Kanai: a two-player game about rats in kilts, painted faces, bagpipes and battle-cries. Freedom; the most important thing in the world. That’s exactly what this vermin thought. They thought it was so important that in this tiny game, you can re-enact their ten minute war of independence. Battle-cry included; Alba gu bRÀTh!!!   Overview: What you get for your money: A small box with 16 cards and the rules. How do you […]