Fairy Tile Review

Er was eens een prinses, een ridder en een draak. Op een dag ontmoette de draak en de ridder elkaar in de bergen. Oh nee, als dat maar goed gaat!? Een avontuur wordt het zeker in dit spel van Matthew Dunstan, Brett J. Gilbert en IELLO.

Medieval Academy Review

Welcome to Medieval Academy. Sign up for the Jousting Club, read the latest scrolls in our state of the art library, or hit on pretty princesses in our campus bar. Register now!

Happy Pigs Review

At Essen ’14 I played a very cool game from Kuraki Mura B.G. Studio and Swan Panasia. It was all about plumping up some pigs and selling them when they are at their fattest. The theme was kind of cruel when you think about it, but the illustrations were pretty funny and adorable. IELLO republished the game in 2016, so it’s time for a review.

King of Tokyo Review

Giant monsters, bunny robots, aliens from far, far away and the king himself are destroying Tokyo. Not Elvis, but a giant gorilla! Who will die and who will survive, who will be the King of Tokyo? Check it out in this dice-chucking game from Richard Garfield. Overview What do you get for your money? 6 Monsters and 6 monster boards, 66 cards, some energy cubes, 8 dice, a little board of Tokyo and some […]