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Tides of Time Recensie

Ik ben zelf een grote fan van drafting spellen, maar het komt vaak voor dat zulke spellen niet perse goed te spelen zijn met twee spelers. Tides of Time is ook een drafting spel en een drafting spel alleen voor twee spelers zelfs. Werk het? Dat doet het zeker. Lees maar verder.

Tides of Time Review

Personally I love drafting games, but drafting games do not always play well with two players. Tides of Time is a two-player only drafting game. So, does it work? Yes it does. Read on.

Flip City Recensie

Flip City, een deckbuilder voor een tot vier spelers ontworpen door Chen. Chih Fan en uitgegeven door Tasty Minstrel Games en Homosapiens Lab.

Flip City Review

A microscopical city builder in deckbuilder form. Keep your fellow citizens happy by building new buildings or renovating old ones. But watch your pace or otherwise the people of Flip City become grumpy!

The Test of Time: Love Letter

If one game took the board gaming world by storm the last couple of years, it’s got to be Love Letter from Seniji Kenai. It created a whole new category of board games called micro games. Well, not created it, but it made a lot of people interested in these big games in tiny packages and many other micro games were published after it. In my earlier review I stated that I really liked […]

BraveRats Review

BraveRats from Seniji Kanai: a two-player game about rats in kilts, painted faces, bagpipes and battle-cries. Freedom; the most important thing in the world. That’s exactly what this vermin thought. They thought it was so important that in this tiny game, you can re-enact their ten minute war of independence. Battle-cry included; Alba gu bRÀTh!!!   Overview: What you get for your money: A small box with 16 cards and the rules. How do you […]

Printemplaying: Elevenses for One

Elevenses for One is a solo PnP game from designer David Harding. It’s a card game with 11 cards. 11 Cards! (And two timer cards.) The game is one of the entries for the 2014 Solitaire Print and Play Contest and this is how it works. The goal of the game is to load your Tea Trolley with all the necessities required for morning tea before the clock strikes 11! Place the two timer […]

Printemplaying: Black Sheep and White Sheep

A 2-player game from designer Jason Lin. You have to print a credit card sized board, a bridge with four spaces. You also need five similar coins for the black player and five smaller or larger coins for the white player. You can also use wooden sheep. You shake your sheep (I’m really writing this, am I?) and drop them on the table (the horror..) to see which sheep are standing up and which […]