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Blood Rage Review

I’m a little late. I know. It’s not a new game. I know. There are already more than a hundred reviews of this game on bgg. Yes, I know. However, I still would like to give you my opinion about Blood Rage, a game from Eric M. Lang and CMON Limited. A game of broad-shouldered men and an unhealthy collection of underboob. A Viking saga where dying in battle is the most glorious thing you can do.

Kemet Review

A war game. Kemet is about war, about Egyptian armies fighting each other. Mythical armies with mythical creatures doing mythical stuff.

The Test of Time: Mage Knight: the Board Game + The Lost Legion

Not long after that difficult first review (Mice and Mystics) I spat out a couple more in a short time. One of them was a review of Vlaada Chvátil’s Mage Knight: the Board Game. Once I got it, I instantly became a fan of the game. It took place in this vast fantasy realm and it was a major challenge to figure out how to become victorious before the game ended. I played it mostly […]

Mage Knight: the board game – The Lost Legion Review

Expands: Mage Knight: the Board Game Designer: Vlaada Chvátil Publisher: WizKids Games Number of Players: 1-5 Playtime: long, 2-3 hours Price (approx.): 40 euro General Volkare is back with his Lost Legion on his side. Nobody knows what he wants. The only thing we do know is that he hates the Mage Knights. He finds them, chases them and kills them if he can. Does he do it without any self-interest or does he […]

Mage Knight: the Board Game Review

Designer: Vlaada Chvátil Publisher: WizKids Games Number of Players: 1-4 Playtime: long, 2-3 hours Price (approx.): 70 euro In Mage Knight: The Board Game, you are, yes, a Mage Knight. You will explore lands, conquer cities and slay terrible creatures in even more terrible places. But you cannot do it alone, you’ll have to learn all kinds of stuff from zealous monks and you’ll need to gather an army around you, because the night […]

Mice and Mystics Review

Designer: Jerry Hawthorne Publisher: Plaid Hat Games Number of Players: 1- 4 Playtime: 90 minutes Price (approx.): 60 euro or more  The king lies in his bed, sleeping, he is very ill. The dark queen Vanestra takes over the reign of the kingdom and captures the ones who are still loyal to him. Collin, the Prince, Tilda, the healer, Nez, the smith and Maginos, the mystic are thrown into a damp dungeon cell. Here, […]