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Scythe Review

2016 Is over. So, it’s about time I review one of my favourite games of the year. It’s Scythe, Jamey Stegmaier’s Kickstarter success with beautiful artwork and lovely gameplay.

Fabled Fruit Review

A fable game from Friedemann Friese. A new gaming term, the fable game. Will it stick? It’s like a legacy game with a reset button. Sort of. Lets see what I think of Fabled Fruit.  A new concept from Friedemann. A game that changes, but can always return to its original state. 505 Was also a new gaming concept. An ambitious project. Too ambitious if you’d ask me. Too many components, an unclear rulebook and […]

Capital Lux Review

Capital Lux is a drafting game. I like drafting games, so this should be a game that I normally would enjoy. It has no theme, no back-story that makes any sense, but it looks quite appealing. The question remains, is it any fun?


Welcome to ICECOOL, the penguin high-school. Here we only educate the quickest and the strongest penguins. Here is the gym, there’s the chemistry lab and most importantly at the end of the hallway: the canteen. This is where we serve all fishy goodness between twelve and two in the afternoon. Enjoy.

Terraforming Mars Review

In Terraforming Mars you have to make Mars habitable by influencing three parameters. You need to get the oxygen level and the temperature up and you have to make sure there’s enough water on the planet. While doing so, you allow a lot of stuff to happen; plants will grow, animals can be introduced and most importantly, that’s why you do it all, mankind can enter the scene.

Great Western Trail Review

We are cowboys in the old west. No guns, no duelling, we just bring cows from our ranch, along the Great Western Trail, to Kansas City to sell. All day, every day.

Ulm Review

Ulm, a game designed by Günter Burkhardt, was number five on my Spiel ’16 Games of Interest list. It’s a game about the daily dealings of the people in the town of Ulm. It’s a pretty themeless Euro game, I can tell you that, but does that make it less fun?

Kingdomino Review

Explore the lands and expand your kingdom in this new tile laying game from Bruno Cathala. Inspired by the classic game of Dominoes. Is is just that, or is there more?