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Column: (Don’t) judge a game by its cover

Wij hebben er thuis voor gekozen om de muren wit te laten en kleur in ons interieur te zoeken. Zo hebben we een groene bank, een gele stoel en oranje gordijnen. En we hebben spellen. Veel spellen. Waar onze leesboeken naar zolder zijn verbannen, geven onze spellen kleur aan ons huis. Letterlijk en figuurlijk.

Column: Three games that shaped my later love for board games

Growing up, I played many, many card games. It brings back very warm family memories. Mesmerizing about my early years of playing games, three board games pop up in my head.

My favourite boardgames for two

Many people think of board games as things you do on special occasions.  Like, Christmas, family gatherings and on evenings with friends. A lot of times people then play the usual suspects. Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly or a more recent game, Settlers of Catan (or Catan, as the game must be called at the moment). Often I hear people say, when I tell them that I play games multiple times a week, ‘but board games […]