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Sushi Go! Recensie

Phil Walker-Harding heeft wel meer leuke spelletje ontworpen, denk aan Archaelogy: the Card Game, maar Sushi Go! zal een van de bekendste spellen van hem zijn. Het spel bestaat uit het doorgeven van sushi. Verschillende soorten leveren op een verschillende manier punten op in dit compacte kaartspel van White Goblin Games. Overzicht: Een korte uitleg: Het spel gaat als volgt: elke rond start je met een aantal kaarten in je hand, je kiest er […]

La Isla Review

“You thought the Dodo was extinct? The Owlet Moth? The Golden Toad? Oh, you are wrong, mate. There’s an island in the middle of a vast ocean. It’s called La Isla. It will be a difficult journey, but I can take you there. Are you interested? Hop aboard, we are leaving now.” ‘An island called the island with long thought extinct animals on it? How convenient. I’m an explorer you know, I explore things. […]

Five Tribes Review

The sultan is dead, long live the sultan!? Welcome in the Sultanate of Naqala. A prophecy tells us that a stranger will rise to power in the Land of 1001 Nights. Will you be that stranger? Five Tribes is a two to four player game from designer Bruno Cathala and Days of Wonders. Seek the help of powerful Djinns and make sure the famous Five Tribes rally behind you and let them do exactly what […]

Valley of the Kings Review

Overview: The story: Deeper and deeper he went. Strange shapes were visible on the corridor walls. The walls almost seemed to move. The light of the lantern, caught in a sinister dance with the ancient darkness, travelled only a few meters ahead. Piles and piles of rubble between him and the entrance. Between him and artefacts of immeasurable value. Between him and the lives and deaths of the great kings of old. What do […]

Eight-Minute Empire: Legends Review

Overview: The story: It’s been a fine day. No rain and the sheep have been grazing carelessly for hours. Their bellies full. Well, now it’s my turn. The boy took a loaf of bread, a piece of cheese and a small knife from his knapsack and made himself comfortable on a rock halfway up the hill. He broke off a piece of the bread and cut off some slivers of cheese. He took a […]

Printemplaying: Sushi Go!

Sushi Go! is a drafting and set collection game from designer Phil Warker-Harding. It’s been published by Adventureland Games, but it’s not readily available here in the Netherlands, so I’ve printed the cards and started playing. (edit: there is a Dutch version available right now from White Goblin Games and if you’re Dutch you can read all about it when you click the flag above!) The game is all about drafting. There are 108 sushi […]