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Top 10 Gateway Games

Collecting them, reading articles and watching videos about them, but most of all playing them. That’s what we do. We, board gamers. That’s our hobby, that’s our passion as you could say. And what is more fun than to share that enjoyment with other people? Well, it’s the best, but as you might know, it is not always easy. There are rules to learn, there are new mechanisms to discover and not every game […]

Top 10 Two-Player Only Games

A few months ago my girlfriend gave her opinion about what she thought were solid and fun two-player games. This week I’d like to give you my top ten two-player games. In this article I focus on two-player only games and later I’ll give you my favourite multi-player games that play well with two. Top 10 Two Player Only Games Let me first give you an impression of the kind of two-player games I […]