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Railroad Ink Review

Een recensie van Railroad Ink, ontworpen door Hjalmar Hach en Lorenzo Silva, met illustraties van Marta Tranquilli en uitgegeven door White Goblin Games.

One Play Post: Number One

In this segment I talk about games I’ve played for the first time. I won’t talk about games I own myself, but games that I’ll probably only play once or not very often for whatever reason. If I get the chance to play them a couple more times, I will also review them. For now, here are my thoughts.    Trains (AEG) Last game day I’ve played a four-player game of Trains and it […]

Ticket to Ride Review

Designer: Allan R. Moon Publisher: Days of Wonder Number of Players:2-5 Playtime:45-60 minutes Price (approx.): 40 euro  Overview: Ticket to Ride is a train game, a route building game and it comes in different shapes and sizes, but the basic idea is this: on a map of some country, different routes are illustrated. They have different lengths and different colours. At the start of the game you get some tickets and you choose which […]