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Near and Far Review

  Near and Far van alleskunner Ryan Laukat en zijn eigen Red Raven Games is een spel met een verhaal. Het is een spel waar het verhaal centraal staat, maar ook weer niet. Wat jij wil eigenlijk.  English summary below.   Open je de doos dan vind je een heleboel, maar de belangrijkste onderdelen zijn het dikke verhalenboek en het iets minder dikke kaartenboekwerk. Een regelboek, die zit er ook in. Ja, dat is […]

Targi: Die Erweiterung Review

Targi is one of my favourite two-player games. Last year the expansion for the game came out, cleverly called Targi: Die Erweiterung, or The Expansion. I’m not always fond of expansions and I have very few games that I play that much to justify buying new content. Sometimes I make an exception for those games I really, really like.

The Test of Time: Aladdin’s Dragons

Originally reviewed in November 2013 and still a very good game, also apparent from my top 100 listing. It’s my twenty-fourth favourite game. That shows that I still love the game and would still like recommend the game to others, like I did in 2013. The worker placement mechanism combined with blind bidding and bluffing is very fun, very exciting. The magic cards add some chaos to the game and the rest of the game […]

Scythe Review

2016 Is over. So, it’s about time I review one of my favourite games of the year. It’s Scythe, Jamey Stegmaier’s Kickstarter success with beautiful artwork and lovely gameplay.

Fabled Fruit Review

A fable game from Friedemann Friese. A new gaming term, the fable game. Will it stick? It’s like a legacy game with a reset button. Sort of. Lets see what I think of Fabled Fruit.  A new concept from Friedemann. A game that changes, but can always return to its original state. 505 Was also a new gaming concept. An ambitious project. Too ambitious if you’d ask me. Too many components, an unclear rulebook and […]

Great Western Trail Review

We are cowboys in the old west. No guns, no duelling, we just bring cows from our ranch, along the Great Western Trail, to Kansas City to sell. All day, every day.