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De Startspelers – Top 10 Spellen Die We Steeds Minder Leuk Vonden

Hier kun je de top 10 spellen vinden die we eerst heel leuk vonden, maar die we naarmate de tijd verstreek steeds minder vonden, zoals besproken in De Startspelers aflevering 34.

De Startspelers – Top 10 Spellen om naar uit te kijken in 2019

Hier kun je de top 10 Spellen om naar uit te kijken in 2019 vinden, zoals besproken in De Startspelers aflevering 32.

Dream Home

Earlier this month I bought Dream Home at a Dutch fair called Spellenspektakel. Droomhuis, as it is called in Dutch, was the first game from Chronicle Games, a new Dutch publisher. It has been published earlier in the year by as Domek. I played it quite a few times since I bought it. Is it any good?

My favourite boardgames for two

Many people think of board games as things you do on special occasions.  Like, Christmas, family gatherings and on evenings with friends. A lot of times people then play the usual suspects. Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly or a more recent game, Settlers of Catan (or Catan, as the game must be called at the moment). Often I hear people say, when I tell them that I play games multiple times a week, ‘but board games […]

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Qwixx Review

You just need six dice and some pens, then roll the dice and cross off numbers. That’s the game. That’s Qwixx, a game from Steffen Bennedorf, published by White Goblin Games. It’s that simple, however it was interesting enough to nominate it for the prestigious Spiel des Jahres in 2013, along with Hanabi and Augustus. Hanabi won, but there is more to Qwixx than meets the eye. Overview: What do you get for your […]

Good Cop Bad Cop + Bombers & Traitors expansion Review

In Good Cop Bad Cop, from Brain Henk, Clayton Skancke and Overworld Games, you take on the role of a law enforcement officer in a corrupt district. You are either Honest or Crooked, but who’s on your side? You have to investigate your fellow officers to find out. The Bombers and Traitors adds even more suspicion to this hidden identity game with the addition of the Bomber, who just wants to get shot, and […]

Trifecta Review

Trifecta, a card game for two players from Zoran Dobrijevic and Victory Point Games. You play with regular playing cards. However, you only use three suits, you place cards in three different columns with different conditions. One point for the player who completes a column. Be the first to get three points and you are the winner! Overview: What do you get for your money? You get 45 playing cards, plus the instructions. How […]