As a Board Gamer YouTube Kanaal

Misschien had je het al door, maar As Board Gamer heeft sinds kort zijn eigen YouTube kanaal. 

MAGE Company Contest —ENDED—

  It’s contest time! In collaboration with MAGE Company and in anticipation of their upcoming Kickstarter campaign of 12 Realms – Dungeonland we offer you a cool prize if you can answer some question about their games correctly. And, of course, check out the Dungeonland page if you like dungeon-crawling games.   Although it has 12 Realms in the title, Dungeonland has nothing to do with that game other than it takes place in […]

Board Games & the Internet – Where to start?

When I started playing board games I knew nothing about them. I knew there were games like Catan or Monopoly, but I don’t think I’ve ever been in a game store when I started my gaming addiction. When you don’t know your stuff, you go look things up. On the world-wide web. I did the same. When you look for board games on the web, you quickly stumble upon bgg, but I also got […]

Some Top 100 facts

Today no top 10, but some facts about my top 100 favourite games I completed at the end of last year. Who is the most liked designer, what is the biggest riser and what game dropped most spots on this compared to the 2105 list.

Top 100 Favourite Games – 2016 edition: the List

After ten weeks of top tens, Christmas is over and the top 100 is now complete. So, if you want to look at it without reading what I think about the games, here’s the list.

Top 100 Favourite Games – 2016 edition: 10-1

We are here! The happiest time of the year. A couple of days until Christmas and the Top 100 reaches the most exciting ten games of all; my top 10 favourite games. Like you could read earlier, my number one from last year dropped a bit, so there’s a new number one and three new games on this list that actually made it into my top 10. Later I will dive into the games that […]

Top 100 Favourite Games – 2016 edition: 20-11

Almost Christmas people! Only two parts of the list to go. This one and my top 10 favourite games. It has gone by so quickly. So, enjoy it while you can, here’s my eleventh to twentieth favourite game.