The Test of Time

The Test of Time: Hanabi

Hanabi was very popular for a while. It did something that people hadn’t seen, had not played before. You kept your hand of cards backwards. You could not see your own cards, but by looking at the other players’ cards and hints from those same players you could figure out what you had in your hand and what you had to play. In my review then I recommended it. Do I like it still?   Oh, and Hanabi […]

The Test of Time: Aladdin’s Dragons

Originally reviewed in November 2013 and still a very good game, also apparent from my top 100 listing. It’s my twenty-fourth favourite game. That shows that I still love the game and would still like recommend the game to others, like I did in 2013. The worker placement mechanism combined with blind bidding and bluffing is very fun, very exciting. The magic cards add some chaos to the game and the rest of the game […]

The Test of Time: The Resistance

The Resistance, a well-known, well-loved, hidden identity game. You go on secret missions. Some of you want to make it a success, others want you to fail. Who is who? Can you figure it out? I posted a review of this game in 2013. I liked it. Do I still like it?

The Test of Time: Suburbia

Sim City the board game some say. Definitely a very good game in my opinion. It’s Ted Alpach’s Suburbia. About three years after the review it’s time for a look-back.

The Test of Time: Urbion

The second game in Shadi Torbey’s Oniverse. Onirim was the first game, but Urbion was the first game that I played and reviewed. It’s a solo card game and was my number twenty-nine most favourite game of all time in last year’s, 2015, list. What do I think of the game after all this time?

The Test of Time: Maximum Throwdown

A game about monsters fighting each other. Really? Tell me more! Well, you throw cards on the table. Throwing cards? Yes. Oh……

The Test of Time: Among the Stars

Drafting cards, building your space station in front of you and the parts of your station interact with each other. That’s what Among the Stars is. The Ambassadors expansion added new stuff to be added to your space station and, well Ambassadors, who could be invited into your station. The art is great, the game fun, but why haven’t I played it in a long while then?

The Test of Time: Tzolk’in: the Mayan Calendar

In 2013 a game came out with a board that contained rotating gears. A gimmick or did the gears add value to the gameplay? I thought it was as great game then. Do I like it still?