2014: the Numbers

It’s the end of the year and as a guy who reviews board games once in a while, I’m obliged to post a list. That’s just part of the deal. No, this is not going to be a best of 2014 list. I’ll post that one a couple of months into 2015. This is only a summary of the year. What games did I play a lot? What games did I review and liked? Were there other games that I’ve played for the first time and were fun? Were there games that I did not like at all? These are not 2014 releases, they might be older than that. Here’s an impression of 2014 in numbers.

On the picture above you see my home city, Utrecht, on New Year’s Eve. Isn’t it beautiful? 🙂

Most Played Games of 2014: Dimes







1.   Coup (27)

2.   Race for the Galaxy (18)

3.   Star Realms (12)

4.   Telestrations (11)

5.   BraveRatsDoodle City, Eight-Minute Empire: LegendsNiyaSushi Go!   (10)


The Best of the Reviewed Games in 2014






1.   Alchemists (Rating: 9)

2.   Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island (9)

3.   Five Tribes (8)

4.   Seasons (8)

5.   Telestrations (8)

6.   Onirim (8)

7.   La Isla (8)

8.   Valley of the Kings (8)

9.   Sail to India (8)

10.  Targi (8)

Some Other Games Played in 2014

Played & Impressed










Orléans (Rating: 8)

The Golden Ages (8)

Murano (8)









Happy Pigs (7)

Concordia (8)

Linko! (7)


Played & Not (Yet) Impressed










Pandemic: The Cure (Rating: 5)

Cubo (3)

Machi Koro (5)










AquaSphere (5)

Isaribi (4)

Camel Up (6)


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