As a Board Gamer Hiatus Announcement (UPDATE)

Well, here’s it..

Nobody would have lost any sleep over it, but you might have noticed a significant drop in content over the past months. I’m here to let you know that this is not going to change in the near future.

The reason for that is time. And energy. And focus.

I started As a Board Gamer because I, first and foremost, like to play games. But I also like other people to know about the games I enjoy. Plus, I like to write about them. Why not start a blog then, I thought and so I did in 2013.

Since the birth of my son, last year, I struggle to find time and energy to write reviews regularly in addition to all the other things I have or like to do. A new life with different priorities. Because of that I also started to question the way I did my reviews and I came to the conclusion that currently I’m pretty unsatisfied with my reviews and how I write them.

You might have experienced yourself that it’s very hard to put yourself to do something you don’t enjoy a lot, or not enjoy as much as you did before.

That’s why I decided to stop reviewing games. For now.

I have to find a new way to express this part of me and my gaming hobby. I have to reinvent As a Board Gamer, so that it fits my new life, as a board gamer. The coming weeks (months maybe?) I’m going to think about the who, the what, the why and the how. Something has to change, so I can spread the word with a smile again or stop doing it at all.

I might post some top tens or something like that in the meantime, I still like to make lists. Lists are nice.

But in the meantime let’s keep on gaming


Update: Reviews and top 10s will keep coming, but I’m going to switch to Dutch. I’ll give you a short summary of the review in English, but the rest will be in my own language. I’ll also only write about game I enjoy, so if I have not reviewed it, I have not played it, or did not think it was worth writing about.  



3 gedachten over “As a Board Gamer Hiatus Announcement (UPDATE)

  • 6 april 2017 om 14:11

    In other words, Life has taken over. Committing to regular things seems impossible these last few years regardless. Enjoy parenthood.

  • 6 april 2017 om 14:15

    Life…. Too bad though. Hope to hear or see you soon and good luck in the process.

  • 10 april 2017 om 12:19

    Gonna miss your reviews, but totally understand having had two little ones. All the best; will be keeping you on my news-feed with anticipation. Cheers


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