Played in May 2015

I only played one game in may 2015 that I’m not going to review later or have already reviewed in the past. So this new edition of Played in… is going to be a rather short one. However, I don’t want to withhold you my initial thoughts of Abraca…What?, a spell casting game from Gun-Hee Kim, after one play.


In this family style deduction game you are trying to cast spells. You can cast spells from number one to eight. Every spell is depicted on a tile. There are eight ‘eight spells’, seven ‘seven spells’ and one ‘one spell’. You get the idea. The tricky thing is that you have to cast a spell you have, but you can’t see them, because all your spells our faced outward to your opponents. This does mean that you can see the spell tiles of your opponents, of course.But, you still haven’t got every piece of information, because there are also some face-down tiles in the supply.

You can cast new spells as long as you picked one that you have. Every time you pick one, ‘I cast a four’, you opponents must tell you if you have a four in front of you. If so, you can place it on the board and execute the spell action. Players might lose life tokens or you regain life tokens. Actions like that. If not, you lose one of six life tokens and then the next player can start guessing. When one player loses all his life or a player gets rid of all her tiles, the round ends and players are assigned a couple of points.AbracaWhat

This game feels a bit like a competitive game of Hanabi. You know what everyone else has and you try to deduce from that information and the information you get from the guesses of your opponents which spells you are able to cast to make your opponents lose life tokens. There’s also a nice push your luck element, because you have some information, but not all tiles are out yet, so you sometimes have to take your chances and take a gamble.

It’s a fun, very light game with a nice take-that element, but it fell a bit flat with me. It was fun for one play, but it wasn’t exciting enough for me and a bit too light for my taste.

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