Some Top 100 facts

Today no top 10, but some facts about my top 100 favourite games I completed at the end of last year. Who is the most liked designer, what is the biggest riser and what game dropped most spots on this compared to the 2105 list.

The list has 53 new games, 28 games that dropped, 18 games that rose and one game that stayed exactly on the same spot as last year. There are 10 games on the list that have a name starting with an A, 12 games with a C, 12 games with a T, only one game with an N and there are no games that start with a E, H, J, Q and Z.

Longest game name

Number 60: Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island

Text from the top 100: Ah, this is a wonderful cooperative game with a great theme, you are stranded on an island and need to survive. Explore, hunt and gather resources. The island is not happy with your arrival and makes it incredibly hard to survive and carry out the goal of the scenario, really hard. The theme comes through very well and your choices matter and might hunt you later in the game.

This year Portal published a new version. I haven’t seen that one. The old edition is still in my collection, although it doesn’t get much playtime, but I like the look of it and I think it’s just a very fun game.

Shortest game name

Number 59: Coup

Text from the top 100: Coup is a cleverly social deduction game. You have two character cards, facedown, with special actions. You can execute one of these actions, or do something entirely different, as long as everybody believes you. Or believes you are the person who you say you are. It’s all about bluffing and not being killed. It’s quick, it’s fun and can be easily explained to all kinds of people. One of the best social deduction games out there.


Biggest rise

And the winner is.. Orléans. It rose 32 spots to number 4 on the list.

Text from the top 100: My number four game is Orléans. The base game. I still have to try the expansions. I think the second expansion does appeal more to me than the first. Cooperative Orléans is just not something I want to play. What makes Orléans fun. Well, bag building, collect tokens in your bag and draw tokens from the bag every round, is just a really interesting. Just figuring out which tokens to buy and how much you need to be able to do the things you want to do is really fun. Travel trough the country side, acquire goods or get more scientific knowledge. What to do?

Olréans is a very good strategic Euro game that moved from number thirty-two to number four. I like it as a multi-player game, but we both also like it a lot as a two-player game.



Biggest drop

It’s Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. It dropped 60 places and ended up on 86.

Text from the top 100: This is also a, for me at least, solo game that dropped a lot of places. Firstly it is because, like I already said, just don’t play solo games that often. Secondly, because I’m just not as fond of the game as I was. After every game I was bit disappointed. Maybe in myself, I don’t know. The game is so difficult. After game one I just forgot about keeping score, it would just be too demotivating. However, over time I found it not as fun. I like the setting. I really like the idea of being the detective and strolling around London to talk to people and catch the bad guy. Sherlock Holmes as a story is great, but I just could focus on the great story anymore. It’s like having this awesome puzzle, with this stunning picture as a result. Well you never going to see the whole picture, just some clumps and a lot of loose pieces, because you just don’t know how they all fit together! OK, lets just try another time then..



Designers that are mentioned the most

Antoine Bauza 3x with Takenoko on 94, 7 Wonders Duel on 25 and 7 Wonders on 14.

A Bauza game I haven’t played yet, but might be right up my alley: Oceanos.


Alexander Pfister also 3x with Mombasa on 76, Broom Service on 64 and Isle of Skye on 45.

No need to play new games, just play all the games I like some more (Great Western Trail would be on the list if I would create it now). 


Simone Luciani and Daniele Tascini 3x, mentioned together because they designed all three games together. The Voyages of Marco Polo can be found on 56, Council of Four on 26 and Tzolk’in on 3.

A Luciani and Tascini game I haven’t played yet, but might be right up my alley: Lorenzo il Magnifico.


Bruno Cathala 4x with Abyss on 78, Mr. Jack on 77, Five Tribes on 38 and 7 Wonders Duel on number 25.

Cathala games I haven’t played yet, but might be right up my alley: Cyclades or Raptor.


Phil Walker-Harding 4x with Imhotep on 70, Cacao and 65, Sushi Go! on 49 and, lastly, Araeology the card game on 29.

No need to play new games, just play all the games I like some more. 


Reiner Knizia 5x with Through the Desert on 90, Ingenious on 75, Keltis on 63, Samurai on 37 and the great Tigris & Euphrates on number 12.

Knizia games I haven’t played yet, but might be right up my alley: Dream Factory, Prosperity.


The designer that was mentioned the most was Stefan Feld, 6x, with Notre Dame on number 74, The Castles of Burgundy the card game and the board game on number 54 and 11 respectively, La Isla on 39, Trajan on 7 and my number 6 was Bruges.

A Feld game I haven’t played yet, but might be right up my alley: Luna.


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