Spiel ’14 preview: part five

I’m going to Spiel ’14 (Essen) and I’m really looking forward to it. All those shiny new releases. In this post and the earlier ones, I give you some games I think have a good chance to end up on my table.

Oh! And I’m the one that has to make the big decision. Which games to bring home? Wish me luck..



A game that looks a lot like Suburbia, a game that I like a lot, but it plays quite differently. Again, a tile placement game, but you will be activating the powers of the tiles by placing other tiles next to them. You have to place tiles in specific spots according to a die roll and you want to fill as much spaces with tiles to cover up negative point icons. Plus, it has drafting, which is a cool mechanism.



Witness looks like a really nice, cooperative, deduction game for exactly four players and it plays in about 10 minutes. You must solve cases, by whispering information to other players; information only you will have at your disposal. Or something like that. There are 100 cases. 100! That’s almost 17 hours of fun! I also really like that it’s in the Blake and Mortimer universe. I’ve collected those comics when I was younger. Witness will therefore be a nice addition to my game collection.




What’s Your Game had a lot of success with Madeira last year. At least, people seem to really like it. With ZhanGuo they might have added another solid Euro in their range this year.

In this game, you are trying to unify the empire. It’s all bout the use of the cards that you get. Do place cards on your own board to increase your personal power in the empire or on the general board to recruit people, build a place or build the Great Wall.


– Next time, the Spiel ’15 preview –

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