Spiel ’14 preview: part four

I’m going to Spiel ’14 (Essen) and I’m really looking forward to it. All those shiny new releases. In this post and the next one, I give you some games I think have a good chance to end up on my table.

Oh! And I’m the one that has to make the big decision. Which games to bring home? Wish me luck..

New Dawn


I’ve first seen this game at last year’s fair. But, I thinks it changed quite a bit. It looks great, like many, if not all, Artipia games do. it takes place in the Among the Stars universe.

New Dawn is an area control game in space with tile/ card placement and just loads of things to do and take into account.



This game was a kickstarter disaster. However, Quined games, which has nothing to do with the earlier crowd-funding campaign, is publishing the game at Spiel ’14. Trading in the Mediterranean, or more like trading on a Mediterranean market.

It looks nice, with you performing actions by choosing a specific coloured die. Buy goods, sell goods, move a client or a consul at the market, make offerings to the gods and get a high reputation. Massilia just looks like a lot of fun.



This game looks like a solid Euro with trading goods as the theme. Not very original, but I like the idea of activating certain actions with different kinds of workers. I do need to play it first, because although the idea is interesting, from the rules I don’t get a good feeling how it might play out.

The Ravens of Thri Sahashri

The Ravens of Thri Sahashri

A two-player cooperative card game with an interesting theme. One player is playing the girl Ren who has lost her memory and the other player plays the detective that is trying to repair the damage.

I’m primarily interested in the theme. Dig through painful memories. Ravens ravage the mind of Ren and the detective must ‘defeat’ this terrible creature. It all sounds so cool. There seem to be a lot of interesting concepts in this game. This one will probably sell out during the first day/ hours, because it’s Japon Brand. Always keep hoping.


– Next time, part five of five –

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