Spiel ’14 preview: part two

I’m going to Spiel ’14 (Essen) and I’m really looking forward to it. All those shiny new releases. In this post and the next ones, I give you some games I think have a good chance to end up on my table.

Oh! And I’m the one that has to make the big decision. Which games to bring home? Wish me luck..



It’s Feld, so I’m interested. Life in an underwater research lab. Program robots with an engineer and use them in your research station. It’s all about the interaction between the scientist in the station and the programmer with his bots. It looks very cool, very colourful, but also a bit chaotic. You can get special abilities and there are many ways to score points, as you would expect from Feld.

Arler Erde

Fields of Arle

A 1-2 player game by Uwe Rosenberg: Field of Arle. OK, go on. This one looks like a deep, strategic two-player (or solo) game with worker placement as its core mechanism. It’s seems like you can do a lot of stuff and get points in many ways. In summer you can do other stuff than during the winter season. It looks like a nice meaty two player. I’ll have to take a look at this one.

Bruges: The City on the Zwin

BrugesThe City on the Zwin

Last year, Bruges, from Stefan Feld, was one of the games I brought home. And it was and still is a great game, so an expansion is definitively something I look forward to. I do not care for the fifth player. However, there also will be more cards, more powers, more fun. The stock cards seem to be an interesting addition. They give you one more option, one more action. If players use the action a lot, the card will go away more quickly and then a new stock card is drawn, but if the action isn’t popular no new stock card will be revealed.

The ships also bring more actions every time you roll a three or four. More option means more fun, but too many options, maybe, makes the game less accessible. We’ll see.


Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game

Dead of Winter

The hit, or one of the hits, of Gen Con was Dead of Winter. This is not a game I normally would buy, because a potential traitor and different victory conditions does not work well with two, I think, and I mostly buy games that work well with two. The story, the crossroad card system, does appeal to me and if Plaid Hat is good at something, it’s creating and bringing a good story. I want to see for myself how it all works, because so many people are raving about this game.



Another Gen Con release and success, is Diamonds. A trick taking game. Not a game category I’m usually very interested in. But, this one has special actions, which gives trick taking games a whole other dimension. Plus, the game looks very nice and has good components. I’m very curious about this one, because I think it might be a good game to play with the family. So, will I be collecting Diamonds?


– Next time, part three of five –

2 gedachten over “Spiel ’14 preview: part two

  • 25 september 2014 om 13:11

    I’m also in for AquaSphere. But the most important thing for me will be the expansion for Terra Mystica! Maybe my all time favourite game.

    • 8 oktober 2014 om 3:41

      I only played Terra Mystica once. I really liked it!


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