Top 10 Games of Interest – Gen Con ’15 edition: part 2

An article by Rowdy van Lieshout

I don’t know exactly where I will be between July 30 and the 2nd of August, but one thing I do know is that I won’t be in Indianapolis. I’m on the other side of the ocean, so Gen Con is a long way from home. OK, I cannot be there, but I can talk about the games that piqued my interest. So, here it is, the second part of my Top 10 Games of Interest – Gen Con ’15 edition.

You can find the first five games here. The second set of five games are listed below in random order. Have fun.


pocketimperium5. Pocket Imperium

 David J. Mortimer – LudiCreations

This game was already on my radar since I saw the print and play game on BGG. I printed it out, cut the pieces, but, for reasons unknown, I’ve still not played the game. Shame on me.

The game now also has a four and two player variant, which makes it easier for me to get it played.

So what is it? Well Pocket Imperium is a 4X microgame, so you Expand, Explore, Exploit and Exterminate in a shorter time and with fewer components.

The players secretly decide, after they have placed their starting ships on different systems on the modular board, in which order they want to Explore, Expand or Exterminate that turn. This makes the game quite tactical and fun. The exploiting will happen later.

So I will definitely take a look at it if or when it comes to my tiny country on the other side of the ocean.



4. Codenames

Vlaada Chvátil – Czech Games Edition

Codenames is described as a party game, but, from the look of it, it’s not really a party game. At least not an all out, laughing on the floor kind of party game. I would just describe it as a game for larger groups, which can be played at a party, but it doesn’t have to be.

It’s a game from Vlaada Chvátil and a lot of people are raving about it, so that makes me curious already.

The game goes like this: there’s a grid of five by five cards on the table, with one word on each card. You play in two teams and every team has a captain. These captains draw an overview card and this card shows which card on the table belongs to which group and it also shows the forbidden card. The captains try to make their team-mates guess the words belonging to their team.

A captain, in his turn, gives a one word clue about one or more cards. If his team points to a wrong word, their turn ends and they just helped the other team. Then the other captain can give a clue to her team. You do this until one team guesses all their words. If a team points at the forbidden word, they lose immediately.

Like I said, this game looks more like Concept or something like that, than a game like Telestrations. It’s a bit more serious, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.

I can’t wait to try it.



3. Tesla vs. Edison: War of Currents

Dirk Knemeyer – Artana

This looks like a nice stock-market game with a cool theme. You auction off these historic character cards that help you do actions throughout the game. Each player plays as an investor in a famous inventor’s company.

In addition to hiring historic characters, you buy and sell stocks, advance in technology and claim electrical projects around the country. You are all competing for the same projects, so it might get dirty. Maybe the media can help your company to become the centre of attention?

This just looks like a cool game. Mechanical speaking, because I’m not sure what I think of the look. On the one hand it looks kind of bland, but also does fit the theme somehow.



2. Mottainai

Carl Chudyk – Asmadi Games

This is basically the next step in the Glory to Rome evolution. I like Uchronia, the last adaptation of the Glory to Rome idea. So that’s why I’m interested. However I do want to play it first to see if it’s different enough, before I buy it. I have Uchronia and I don’t need the same game with another theme.



1. Rise to Power

Allen Chang & Alistair Kearney – APE Games

This game looks neat. In terms of gameplay at least. The look itself is a bit boring, as is the theme.

It’s a card game where you have to fulfil different contract and deliver power to other areas in your tableau. It’s kind of hard to explain, without actually having played it, Eric Martin from BGG does a better job at it, but I think the multi-use cards aspect of the game looks very fun.




Expansion 1. Valley of the Kings: Afterlife

Tom Cleaver – Alderac Entertainment Group

This is a standalone expansion for the very fun deckbuilder Valley of the Kings. More cards with new and different powers. That’s basically it. I like the base-game, as you can read here and it was my number eight game of 2014, so that’s why I’m interested.



Expansion 2. Among the Stars: Revival

Vangelis Bagiartakis & Panagiotis Zinoviadis – Artipia Games, Stronghold Games

Another expansion of a game I love; Among the Stars. You can add this one to the base-game or you can play it as a standalone 2-player game. It adds new locations, spaceships and advisers to the game. Great! I Kickstarted it, so hopefully I don’t have to wait long until I get it.


There are a lot more games I could have talked about here, like The Grizzled, New Salem, Favor of the Pharaoh, Trambahn, Starfighter, Discoveries, Artifacts, Inc. and the new version of Medieval Academy, but I had to make choices.



2 gedachten over “Top 10 Games of Interest – Gen Con ’15 edition: part 2

  • 28 juli 2015 om 16:08

    Thanks for listing my Valley of the Kings: Afterlife among your “Games of Interest.” I’ll be at the AEG booth at Gen Con signing copies. Please drop by.

    Tom Cleaver

    • 29 juli 2015 om 11:24

      Sadly I’m not going, but I might visit your booth when at a Con in Europe near me? Essen maybe?

      Good luck and have a good time at Gen Con!


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