Top 10 Most Played Games

Inspired by some other board game people, I looked at my most played board games. Most of them are shorter games, some are a bit more in-depth and there were also some surprises for me.



10: Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar

One of the best Euro games out there. If you like euro games, this is one you should have in your collection.



10 : Archaeology: The Card Game

This is a very solid family style card game and also my number 41 game of all time. There’s a new version out, maybe I’m going to check that one out.



9: Sushi Go!

Drafting at its simplest and its most fun?



8: Carcassonne

Played this classic tile laying game a lot, but it doesn’t hit the table any more.



8: Among the Stars

Tile laying combined with drafting. Great theme, great illustrations, great mechanisms.



7: Bruges

One of the best games from Feld. It’s quick, it’s relatively simple, but it’s also very fun.



6: The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

Played it a lot, enjoyed it, but creating the decks took to much time for me.


6: Citadels

What a great role selection game. It’s a classic and I don’t play much Citadels nowadays, but still think it’s a good one.



5: Lost Cities

Sometimes you play a game you don’t particularly like a lot apparently…



4: Hive

Excellent abstract game. It comes in a nice bag, so you can take it with you everywhere you go.



4: Dominion

Deckbuilder of deckbuilders. Always a joy to play.


Love_Letter 999

3: Love Letter

A fun microgame. A game can be over in a minute, so that’s why it’s this high on this list.



2: Coup

Nice deduction game. Also very portable and quick to play.



1: Race for the Galaxy

Fantastic card game that I played over and over. I have the first two expansions. Solo play is great. However, today I would rather play Roll for the Galaxy, I think.



What game have you played the most? Is it an older game or a newer one?

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