Top 10 Overrated Games

Sometimes you play a game that other players like a lot, rave about. You heard good things about it, but after you sat at the table for, lets say, two hours you think: “Say what? How can you..? I don’t understand, I do not like it at all.”

Some games on this list I played once, because why would I play a game more than once when I did not like it the first time. Other games I played more, because, I don’t know, review or trickery or the fact that I really wanted to like it.

I looked at Boardgamegeek and compared the general rating with my rating or experience, so lower on the list are games that being not as highly rated or the difference between my rating and that of the game was not as big as the games closer to number one.

According to BGG these were the games with the largest disparities in ratings: Pocket Battles: Celts vs. Romans, Spank the Monkey, Casting, Halli Galli, Party Animals, Cubo, Confusion, UNO, Black Sheep and White Sheep, Phase 10 and others.

Most of these games I played a long time ago and don’t really fit my current gaming profile. The games below do, apart from the fact that I did not like them as much as other people seem to do.

Here we go!



10: Specter Ops

Played it once, totally fell flat. One player has to complete three missions and then get off the map. The other players, all with their own abilities, try to hunt that player down. Everyone has special abilities, and can move on its own or maybe go to places on the map with a car. When you can see the agent player, who is hidden during most of the game, you can try to shoot it. The agent also has cards he can play and they do stuff that make the hunt more difficult.

It all felt so complicated for what is a very simple cat and mouse game. The abilities never really worked. The theme did not grab me. It seemed hat the whole group was a bit underwhelmed. Me included. Maybe it’s just not my type of game.



9: Family Business

This Mafia game is not very highly regarded. It’s just in the OK category on the geek, but I disliked the one play I had so much that it had to be on the list. It felt so incredibly random, attacks here, attacks there, someone counters an attack, someone dies, it drags on and on then someone is the winner. Did I play badly, did she play well, did he actually do something during the entire game? I don’t know, because it absolutely did not matter..  Bad.



8: Greenland, Neanderthal

These two games are on this list because I really wanted to like them. I watched, read more than a few reviews of Phill Eklunds games and thought they looked complicated, but interesting. In theme and mechanisms. When Greenland came out I thought: “This is my chance to check one of his games out.” You could also play this game solo. Great! Love that. However, Greenland was boredom in a box. Not fun at all. The idea of the game was good, but man, nothing happened during the entire game.

A friend bought Neanderthal. Should have been an improved Greenland. Played it solo one and half time. Still boring.



7: Saboteur

This hidden role game is quite high regarded. A 6.7 on boardgamegeek. That’s pretty high for a game where hidden is not the right word for the traitor role, because I think most of the time it’s quite obvious whose the bad dwarf. There are so many better hidden role game out there. For me, this is a kids game. You can use it to teach them to lie in your face.



6: The Game

So this game was nominated for the Spiel des Jahres in 2015? What? Play cards that are higher or lower than the cards on the table, just to get rid of all the cards in the game. I get it, it’s an easy concept, easy to sell to families. But it’s mind-numbing, the illustrations are weird and I found it pretty easy to win, so boring and not really challenging. Blegh.



5: You’re Bluffing!

Most of my games of You’re Bluffing date from before my BGG era. However, I tried it again, and for the last time, in 2014. Some people really like this game, at least here in the Netherlands. It’s been called Koehandel around here. I do not like it. I’m not a fan of pure auction games and what I hate about this game is that your game can end earlier than the rest of the player. You sit there while the rest of the players, after all cards have been auctioned off, go on with Koehandelen (“trading cattle” or something like that).

That’s not the only thing. I only like the bidding and the bluffing for the first ten minutes or so, the rest of the game feels like a drag.



4: One Night Ultimate Werewolf

I’m not a werewolf guy. I hate having to sit there watching other people have a good time.

I’m more a Resistance guy. If I have to put myself in a group.

The One Night principle, however, intrigued me. No player elimination. That should solve quite a bit. And it’s quick. Let’s try it.

Well it’s boring. Quick, yes, but over before the fun starts. And it feels pretty random too, because you have to play so fast probably. You quickly discuss, point fingers at each other and try to convince that you are someone, or not. Do you have the time to do so? Maybe, but some discussions will take a bit too long and you did not get a chance to speak. You basically base your decision on a speech of a minute or so.

I’m not ready to decide yet, but OK, if I have to point at someone. It’s you. That’s how I felt at the end. Not fun. And they’re spitting out version after version of the same game. Obviously people like, otherwise it would be pretty stupid, but come on make something original.



3: Pandemic: The Cure

Pandemic is a game I enjoy. It’s a challenge. This game, Pandemic the dice game as you might call it, wasn’t a challenge at all. I played it during Spiel, the game was explained by a someone who wore a shirt with a logo from the publisher, but at the end I felt like that we must have been playing it the wrong way.

We have been rolling our dice, assigned our dice, saved the world and the game was over. Not during a single turn we were close to defeat. Rarely was I so underwhelmed. I checked the rules later to see if we were doing things wrongly. We weren’t.



2: Crokinole

The number three family game? The number 54 game of all time? What? It’s just flicking disks. I don’t get it. Where are people playing this? I actually seen it been played once. Once! And that was the occasion where I thought: “Lets see what these people on the geek are talking about.”

It’s OK, for one time, but the second time already felt the same and not as fun. It’s not a board game in my opinion. It’s something like darts or snooker or bowling for my part, not a board game. It’s a game of skill and like bowling, darts or snooker just OK to play once in while, not a game that should be in the top 50 or top 100 games of all time.



1: Dead of Winter

This game got so much attention and hype, and still does. It sounded so interesting. New story elements that could be triggered by crossroads cards. There could be a traitor in our midst. All players had different victory conditions, secret goals.

A zombie apocalypse survival game. Some thematic music in the background and we were off that night.

This was one of the most boring games I ever played. The crossroad cards almost never got triggered and the one or two that did were far from interesting. The story did not develop like I expected it to do going into this game. The traitor was exposed in a couple of rounds and the game wasn’t very interesting after that. Without the traitor and the crossroads cards working well, Dead of Winter is just a very middle of the road game and that’s why it’s my number one overrated game.



Do you have a game that you really don’t like and other players seem to love? Do you agree with the games above? Probably not. Tell me in the comments!




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6 gedachten over “Top 10 Overrated Games

  • 12 augustus 2016 om 21:17

    The Game i play with my parents. My father likes it. I like to play it with him, because he likes it. We make jokes, make noises if the wrong card is played. Make fun. But its not easy to win like you say 🙂 and its better after a few drinks 🙂
    But i also bought two games i only played once. Dominion is one of them… I didnt like it. Boring. Why is there so much to do about it? Sooo overrated. Deckbuilding is not my thing. And the other game is Eldritch Horror. My god, so many cards and set up. And then that stupid dice rolling for successes… Played it for 30 minutes. Put everything back in the box and never opened it again.

  • 14 augustus 2016 om 14:14

    At least now I know what NOT to buy! 😉 Thanks! So what are the top new board games for you this year? I personally am a bit of old school when it comes to board games.

    • 14 augustus 2016 om 22:07

      Most of the really new games I will probably play around or after Essen, but played Scythe once now and really enjoyed it

  • 17 september 2016 om 11:40

    Too many pieces, too much downtime even more so when you are in decline, too chaotic.

    Isle of Skye:
    Too chaotic. End result is ugly (roads leading to nowhere). Bidding phase results in cards you don’t want. Not enough to do. Not much interaction. Has nothing to do with Skye, also everyone is making its own piece of land, where is the connection? At least in carcassonne you move meeples and there is only one land.

    Feels utterly pointless.

    Game of Thrones:
    Everything feels too contrived, ship/army movement is clumsy, the wildlings cards/events feel artificial. The bidding for sword etc feels so disconnected. There is no unity. Game takes too long.

    Far too vague, what cards/characters you put in the court feels too free.

  • 15 november 2017 om 15:04

    Koehandel is an eternal favorite of my sister she plays it all the time since it came out with everyone.

  • 16 januari 2018 om 13:15

    Kosterix, introduce me to your sister!
    Maybe she plays saboteur as well? I love it!


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