Top 100 Favourite Games – 2016 edition: 10-1

top100-10-1We are here! The happiest time of the year. A couple of days until Christmas and the Top 100 reaches the most exciting ten games of all; my top 10 favourite games.

Like you could read earlier, my number one from last year dropped a bit, so there’s a new number one and three new games on this list that actually made it into my top 10.

Later I will dive into the games that didn’t made it to the list, dropped of and some statistics, but now let’s continue with my number ten.


10: Inhabit the Earth (new)

This is a card driven racing game and it’s a very fun one. You’re evolving all kinds of animals with the goal to advance your animal tokens as fast as possible on the tracks on the six continents. You have to work your way through different terrains and you do that by adapting your animals.

The thing that I like about this game is multi-purpose cards, you use them for their ability, their icons, to trigger movement and to pay for the cards you play. You get a lot of cool cards and you have to choose which cards fit the terrain of the track best. Also, you have to figure out how to trigger the most animals with only one card. Maybe you want to change continents, because your bear is pretty slow in Asia, but its icons might fit Europe better.

Love Inhabit the Earth.


9: Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 (+6)

What a game this is. What a ride. It’s number nine, Pandemic Legacy. Last year, I had not finished the campaign and it was already in my top fifty. I was that impressed with it. Rarely I was so excited about playing a game again in a short period. I was thinking about what could happen next, what was going to be the next big surprise. This is because this game offers the same gameplay as Pandemic, which is also in my top 100.

You have to fight disease outbreaks and find cures. But it offers more. It offers boxes to open, story elements to be explored, new rules to add to the rulebook. Every game you play is different.

I played a two player campaign with my girlfriend and it was a blast. The only downside could be is that you can only play the game twenty-four times, at most, because the game is played over twelve months, and if you lose a game you can play a month over again before you have to move on to the next month.

Yes, I know you play the game on the game board you end up with, but that’s like saying you can re-use your advent calendar by just closing the boxes again. The fact that there are no chocolates inside is a big difference.




8: T.I.M.E Stories (new)

This game also excited me a lot the last year. It’s not that I’ve played all available scenarios, but I was already impressed with the first scenario, the one that came with the base game. There so much story in this game, so much excitement, so much puzzling, and I like it all.

You can talk to different people, collect clues and travel from location to location. Oh, and try not to die, because dying is a time-consuming business.

The second scenario evolved in a similar way as the first one. It did not use the mechanism in new and exciting ways, but it was still a solid gaming experience.

I did like the horror theme in the first scenario better than the zombie theme in the second one.

There are already any expansion you can can add to the game and I’m already looking forward to the next missions I have to go on.




7: Trajan (+23)

Not the most fun Feld game in my opinion, look below, but it’s a close call. It is the only game in my top ten favourite games that I do not own. One day I will. I do like this game a lot, which you can tell by its position on the list.

You don’t have to play Feld games for their theme or story, but the gameplay is so good. In this game you make use of the Mancala system to select your actions. Picking up coloured pieces and then, while dropping one pieces in every bowl you pass, you can execute the action of the last bowl. This system may cause a lot of analysis paralysis, but I don’t care, it’s just so much fun to play around with. You can travel around or conquer Europe and collect points, or collect goods and ship them for points, or maybe collect other kinds of tokens that allow you to execute bonus actions.

Points here, points there, it’s Feld, and that also means that if you don’t collect the right tokens you get punished once in a while. A lovely game, Trajan.



6: Bruges (+8)

The Feld I do like the most is Bruges. It’s a card game with a beautiful illustrated board that is basically just there to keep track of your score. You have to manage your hand of cards and choose which card you use for which action. Build houses, hire people, make money or build canals and maybe you will live forever in Bruges as a statue. The dice on the board determine how good the actions are that you can do, which disaster tokens you have to take and, in the expansion, which ship action you are able to take.

The expansion, The City on the Zwin, adds some modules you can add, which is fun, but the base game is more than enough.



5: Terraforming Mars (new)

This is the game of the year 2016 for me, until now. It’s a game that’s made for me. Stacks of cards, all with different actions. The corporations give you different starting abilities and conditions. There are loads of roads to take and every game I try to take a new one.

I recently reviewed this game, so I will not talk about it for long. If you never played Terraforming Mars, please do, it will not disappoint.



4: Orléans (+32)

My number four game is Orléans. The base game. I still have to try the expansions. I think the second expansion does appeal more to me than the first. Cooperative Orléans is just not something I want to play. What makes Orléans fun. Well, bag building, collect tokens in your bag and draw tokens from the bag every round, is just a really interesting. Just figuring out which tokens to buy and how much you need to be able to do the things you want to do is really fun. Travel trough the country side, acquire goods or get more scientific knowledge. What to do?

Olréans is a very good strategic Euro game that moved from number thirty-two to number four. I like it as a multi-player game, but we both also like it a lot as a two-player game.




3: Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar (+9)

Tzolk’in is a magnificent Euro. It’s a worker placement game with the major twist that the spaces where your workers are located rotate.

The gears.

The gears are eye-catching, but really add something cool to the game too, gameplay-wise. Timing in this game is incredibly important, because in your turn you have to choose if you place workers on the board or remove them to execute the actions. So, you cannot place all your workers on the board and just wait until they reach the actions spaces you had your eye on. No, you have to plan ahead, so you only have to remove a worker from the board if you want to, not if you have to.

The game looks good and the gameplay is even better. Top three, Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar.



2: Concordia (+4)

Number two, risen four places, is Concordia from Mac Gerdts. The box and the theme are not that great. A bit boring maybe. Look at the box. Does that look appealing?

The gameplay, the mechanisms does get me excited. The rules are quite simple. You play one card in your turn and you execute its action. You move around the Mediterranean with you colonists, produce goods, trade goods and please the gods. You can buy more cards to add to your deck. Cards with new or better actions. Card also belong to a deity, and these different gods allow you get points in different ways. So, more cards also means more points, potentially,

Despite its simple rules, the game is quite deep. You have to think about which cards to buy and also when to play which card. Most importantly, you have to think about in which way you want to get your points, which deity to support.



1: Race for the Galaxy (+4)

Balloons, fireworks and epic music, here it is, my number one. It’s Race for the Galaxy. The game I played the most overall and the game I had the most fun with in recent years. At one point I though Roll for the Galaxy replaced it, but that was just during a dark period in my life.

No, I’m just joking. Roll for the Galaxy is a fine game, but I think Race for the Galaxy is much more strategic than Roll. I feel that I have more influence on the result.

It’s also very good as a two player game. I think 95% of all the Race for the Galaxy games I played were two-player games. We, me and Sélène, both love this game. The role selection is cool and managing your hand of cards is also very fun. All cards can be useful, but you can only use some of them. The other cards you have to use as payment.

The race aspect, it is called Race for the Galaxy, makes it also most suitable as a two-player game. It’s head to head. You against one single opponent.

I do have to say that I haven’t played the new cycles, the latest two expansions. I stopped after I bought expansion number two. The solo module was nice, but I didn’t care for the war elements from the second expansion, so I kept it at that.

Luckily it’s such a fine game to begin with. The most fun game in my book. If you like card games, you might like this one too. Try it. I think the iconography isn’t as difficult as everyone suggest it is. I think it’s pretty well done actually.


That’s it. All over. We all wish you a merry Christmas and a joyful 2017, full of games.


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4 gedachten over “Top 100 Favourite Games – 2016 edition: 10-1

  • 23 december 2016 om 20:01

    Pretty superficial description of the games, seems like you are still learning these games.

    • 24 december 2016 om 6:33

      Haha, Kosterix, you got me. It’s actually my top 100 games I saw in a store, once.

  • 9 oktober 2017 om 19:05

    Good taste, race is great especially the gauging of your opponents. Concordia is on my wish list. The rest, not so much.


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