Top 100 Favourite Games – 2016 edition: 50-41


My top 100 Favourite Games. Once a week, one set of ten games. A countdown to the happiest time of the year. We are entering the top 50 with number 50 to 41.



50: Telestrations (-40)

The first game of the top 50 is Telestrations. Draw, pass to the next player, guess, pass to the next player, draw, pass to the next player and guess. This cycle goes on until the drawing book comes back to the player who drew the picture in the first place. Now let’s see what  the result is. Then you probably wet your pants from laughing. Great game.




49: Sushi Go! (-6)

Drafting and set collection in its purest form. Every sushi set scores in a different way. That what Phill Walker-Harding does well, create an exciting and fun game with just a few simple mechanism. Sushi Go! is a perfect example of this. I like it a lot.




48: Potion Explosion (new)

Candy Crush the board game. Potion Explosion is a very fun family game that looks very cool too, with all those colorful marbles. You create potions by collecting marbles of specific colours. You get them by removing one marbles from one of the slides, filled with all kinds of marbles, and when marbles of the same colour hit each other when they slide down, they explode, and you can take them. Finished potions give you points and special powers. Easy to learn and fun to play. It reminded me of another fun little game called Splendor.




47: Between Two Cities (new)

This is a very cool tile drafting game where you try to collect sets of certain tiles and place them in the right spot in your city. Or cities, because you actually build two cities, one with the neighbour on your right hand and one with your other neighbour. You only score the city that gives you the fewest amount of points, so you have to collaborate with both your neighbours to get the best score and win the game. Really fun.



46: Ginkgopolis (-)

Ginkgopolis sits exactly where I left it. My number forty-eight. A very clever area control game that is driven by drafting and playing cards. Expand the city by playing cards with letters, build upwards by playing cards with numbers. Card that you play, the numbered ones, you can keep and they give you special abilities. While you build over other tiles, creating taller and taller structures, new cards come into play. By cleverly playing cards you can create your own little engine that gives you bonuses every time you do a specific action. I like the look of this game, I like the gameplay. A very good one: Ginkgopolis.



45: Isle of Skye (new)

Isle of Skye is a tile laying game. You may have seen something like it before. You connect different areas, like mountains, field and roads by placing tiles. In this game you are building your own versions of the Isle. This game does add two cool elements to a familiar concept. First the bidding mechanism. You draw three tiles from the bag, place them in front of your screen. Everyone can see what’s for offer, but everyone will secretly assign coins to two tiles and a discard token to the third. Then players can buy one tile from each other. You have to pay the price he or she has set and when nobody bought your tiles you have to pay yourself. Very interesting. You want to get the most money from your opponents, but you don’t want to be stuck with expensive tiles you don’t want.

The second fun element is the scoring mechanism. Four scoring tiles are drawn at the start of the game and every round another set of scoring tiles will activate. Isle of Skye is loads of fun and it’s easy to explain too.




44: Guildhall (new)

The older one with the pig on the cover or the new version with fantasy sprinkled over it, it doesn’t matter which version you have or play they are both fun. You have to collect sets of cards and by completing sets you can buy points. The fun thing is that the different sets have special abilities and every time you play a cards from a set in front of you, you can execute that ability. And it gets even more fun because the abilities get better when your set becomes bigger. However, once you reach ability heaven you have to discard all cards to claim your points. So there’s a nice ebb and flow there. And loads of fun of course.



43: Pandemic (new)

I think Pandemic LEGACY made me appreciate the cleverness Pandemic itself even more than I already did. It’s actually a very simple game, in terms of rules, but you can make it as difficult as you want. You have to cure diseases and eventually find a cure for them by traveling around the world, from city to city, and collecting sets of cards. Every player plays a different role and has a different special ability. It’s a cooperative game, so your all win or lose. It’s tense, it’s fun, a great game, Pandemic.




42: Seasons (-25)

Control the elements in a wizard tournament in seasons. Loads of cards with special abilities, chunky dice and beautiful illustrations. Manage your resources, draft, play and activate cards. During some game you’ll find that you can really collect a set of cards that work perfectly together. During other games you just don’t get card that fit together, but then you just have to create a clever plan yourself. I do have to say that I think it’s really fun with two players, but just OK with more than that. I like it, that why it’s here, number forty-two.



41: Suburbia (+6)

This is the best city-building out there. Buy different buildings blocks to expand your little suburb and lure more people in and generate more money. Factories, parks, housing, offices and shops, you have to think about where to put them in your town, because no one wants to have stinky chimneys next to their nicely decorated homes. People will move away to other suburbs, the ones of the other players. I haven’t play this game in a while and somehow it has gone up a couple of places. That’s just how it is. Suburbia, a lovely game for the city builder among us.



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