Top 100 Favourite Games – 2016 edition: 60-51


My top 100 Favourite Games. Once a week, one set of ten games, until the week before Christmas. That’s a ho-ho-ho-whole lot of fun games. Here’s my number 60 to 51.



60: Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island (-51)

Ah, this is a wonderful cooperative game with a great theme, you are stranded on an island and need to survive. Explore, hunt and gather resources. The island is not happy with your arrival and makes it incredibly hard to survive and carry out the goal of the scenario, really hard. The theme comes through very well and your choices matter and might hunt you later in the game.

This year Portal published a new version. I haven’t seen that one. The old edition is still in my collection, although it doesn’t get much playtime, but I like the look of it and I think it’s just a very fun game.



59: Coup (new)

Coup is a cleverly social deduction game. You have two character cards, facedown, with special actions. You can execute one of these actions, or do something entirely different, as long as everybody believes you. Or believes you are the person who you say you are. It’s all about bluffing and not being killed. It’s quick, it’s fun and can be easily explained to all kinds of people. One of the best social deduction games out there.




58: Torres (new)

Torres is a cool looking abstract game. Although you might find that it looks a bit old-fashioned. You try to build and control towers or castles on the board. The towers look cool and you have to build the castles, expand, make them gradually higher and higher. Gradually, because your knights have to be able to climb to the highest towers to score big points. The action point allowance system is a mechanism that a bit outdated, you just don’t see it very often, but I like it.



57: Witness (-19)

Incredibly underrated and a game like no other. Chinese whispers in the Blake and Mortimer universe, a comic that I read when I was younger. You and three others have to solve a crime, by whispering clues in each other’s ears. The fun thing, and difficult thing, is that you do not start with the same clues and you only whisper in the ears of one neighbour every round. Round after round you will know more about the case. Who is the murderer? What kind of mustache does a person have. You get questions like that. Answer them correctly and you win, as a group. Great game. Some cases are more difficult than other, but all are fun.



56: The Voyages of Marco Polo (-35)

A dice worker placement game from one of my favorite designer duos, Daniele Tascini and Simone Luciani, about the travels of Marco Polo. You can place your workers everywhere, although if someone went there before you, you might have to pay a bit more money. During your travels you have a chance to build trading stations in cities, and these cities might give more stuff to do or just some extra goods. A tight euro game, with camels. Who doesn’t want to play with camels..




55: Mage Knight Board Game (-48)

Once, an ideal Sunday afternoon was spend with Mage Knight. Solo. It’s a puzzly game where deck building is very important. You are a brave knight and have to fight all kind of creatures and free cities. The expansion, Lost Legion, adds a lot for the solo gamer, but like I said in my top 50 last year, and other solo games had the same faith, I don’t play solo games as much as I used to and especially solo games that take hours don’t get any play time these days, so as good I find Mage Knight, I haven’t played it in years. And that’s why it dropped forty-eight places. And it might even drop out the list one day.




54: The Castles of Burgundy: The Card Game (new)

It feels like Castles of Burgundy, the board game, but that game is more fun. Ahhh, spoilers, lalalalala.



53: Kemet (new)

I think this is the only war, war-ish, fighting game, that’s in my top 100. I really like the action-selection, the special powers and that the game rewards attacking only. You cannot hide in your safe and comfortable city with you elephants and giant snakes guarding your city walls. No, you have to get out here, walk through the desert and fight.

I do have to say that there is a game on this list, higher that is, that gives a similar feel, but is more a euro game, and that probably will push this game of the list some day.




52: Le Havre (-2)

Uwe Rosenberg’s best game. On of my first heavier euros, if you can call this one heavy. I know I found it quite heavy when I bought it. Now it’s not so heavy anymore.

Take goods or move your worker. Yes, one worker, one action, nothing more. Build all kinds of buildings that convert one good in another. Use your own buildings of other player’s buildings for a fee. It’s all about the money. A tense and thinky euro game, I had a lot of fun playing. Maybe I have to play it some more.



51: Carson City (-3)

We end this list of ten games with an excellent Wild, Wild West game. It’s called Carson City. I have the Quined black box version at home. It’s a worker placement game, with a twist. The twist is that you can, now thematic, fight over almost every spot. Your goal is to build Carson City around you and make money from the buildings you own and generate points on the way as well. A euro game with a solid theme and great gameplay.


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