Top 100 Favourite Games – 2016 edition: 80-71



Here are ten new games from my top 100 Favourite Games, number 80 to 71. Once a week, I’ll post a new set of ten games, until the week before Christmas. A countdown to the happiest time of the year. Maybe it even gives you an idea what to put on your Christmas list, or give to other people as a gift.



80: Onirim (-52)

Another solo game that’s not in the top 50 anymore, another game from Shadi Torbey. Currently I think Onirim is the best of them all, best of all the Oniverse games. In the future I might have a different opinion, but for now Onirim is the one. You try to escape a dream labyrinth, find doors, by cleverly managing your hand of cards. The illustrations are beautiful and the gameplay is tense. A lovely little card game.




79: Patchwork (-44)

This two-player only game from the great Uwe also dropped some spots, but that’s just because it’s a two-player only game I think. Lately I do not play two-player only games that often. I play a lot of two-player games, but just not many two-player only games. Although there is a new one I really like. Patchwork is still very enjoyable, still one of the best in its kind. It’s basically a puzzle game. A game where you have to make a complete patchwork, or do your best to be as complete as possible. Creating this patchwork takes time, some patches take more time than others, and you have only so much time to spend. However, these time-consuming stitching jobs might give you a lot of buttons, which is what it’s all about.




79: Abyss (new)

If this would be a list about looks alone, Abyss would be in the higher regions, higher than it is now. The setting is a bit dark, but I think it’s very beautiful. I like it. The gameplay is pretty fun too, don’t worry. It’s a simple game. You have to collect the right cards, with a nice value and the right colour. These card may give you points in the end, but more fun, give you the ability to recruit fishy characters that all have interesting abilities.




77: Mr. Jack (new)

This is a game that has been part of my collection from the beginning. It’s a very fun deduction game where one player is Jack the Ripper in disguise and the other player tries to catch Jack. Yes, it’s a two-player game. The interesting thing about this game, that looks good too, is that both players use the same characters, move the same disks on the board to achieve their goal. All characters on the board move in different ways or have different abilities. Abilities that help Jack escape the city, or help the detectives catch Mr. Jack. There are two, slightly different, versions of the game; Mr. Jack and Mr. Jack in New York. Both are fun, although Mr. Jack in New York is a little more complex.




76: Mombasa (new)

The first thing that I though when I saw the result of a couple of nights of selecting games for the top 100 and moving them around, one game more fun than the other, is that this game should not be here. I only played it once. However it ended up here, so I kept it here. It is very fun. Very heavy too. I really, really want to play it some more (Rob??).




75: Ingenious (new)

The next Knizia on the list. Ingenious is the game. A very fun abstract game where you have to create areas of the same type of icon, slash colour, on the board. You do that by placing tiles. Tiles that consist of two connected hexagons. Every tile you place can give you points if you place it next to tile of the same type, it it can also open up loads of possibilities for the other players. Another cool thing is that you don’t win by having the most points, you collect points for every colour, but by having the best worst score. Very fun.




74: Notre Dame (new)

Notre Dame is one of the lighter Feld games that I’ve played. It’s not his best, you find that out later, but I do enjoy it a lot. In this game you try to gain influence in different areas of the city. You do that by playing cards that allow you do execute different actions. Everybody starts with the same set of cards, but which actions you can choose on your turn depend on which cards your draft. You also get cards from other player’s stacks in your hand. Later in the game you can influence other characters that give you other abilities or actions to do. You move around your wagon to collect different tokens that are spread over the board and you place cubes in different areas on the board. The more cubes in an area, the better the action you can do. But you don’t have all cubes at your disposal, you have to manage your cube supply wisely. And there’s the plague. It’s Feld, so there’s always something bad happening. Notre Dame is not difficult to learn, but it is very entertaining.




73: Red7 (new)

Red7 is a set collection and hand management game. You collect sets of numbered and different coloured cards and play them in front of you. Or, or, in the middle of the table, because cards with different colours also have different rules written on them and by placing your card in the middle of the table you change the rule of the game. The only rule. The rule that decides if you win the round or not. The rule that decides if you’re in or out. You only have to adhere to that rule, in the middle of the table. For instance, you must have the most even cards, or you must have the highest card in front of you. If you cannot play a card in the middle or in front you, so you adhere to the current rule, you’re out. Very interesting game and very fun.




72: The Duke (new)

This is one of my favorite abstract games, although sadly I don’t own it myself. It’s a two-play game, like most abstracts are. You have this big bag of tiles. Nice, wooden tiles with different unit types depicted on them. The tiles are double-sided and both sides show the same unit, but with different movement options. Every time you move a tile, you have to flip it over. In a future turn it will move differently. This makes planning your moves very fun. You also draw these units randomly from the bag, so both players have different units one the board. The Duke is just a very cool game, not only for chess lovers.



71: Myrmes (new)

First of all, Myrmes has a cool theme. It’s about ants managing their colony. They collect food, attack prey, give birth to new larvae and expand the colony or the colony’s area of influence. You do that by placing your workers inside your colony, where they can do all kinds of actions, or you go outside. Outside you can attack other tiny creatures, or you can expand your pheromone trail to produce goods and expand. This game can be very vicious if you don’t pay attention. You can get cut of by other player’s pheromone trails or they can remove parts of your pheromone trail. On the one hand you’ll be focusing on managing your colony, but there’s a lot going on on the board too, other players might also want to attack that spider, or cover the same area with a pheromone trail. I like it a lot, the theme really comes through, and the game is tense and very fun.



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