Top 100 Favourite Games – 2016 edition: 90-81


My top 100 Favourite Games. Once a week, one set of ten games. Until the week before Christmas. It’s like a gaming advent calendar. You can open the next door now, number 90 to 81.



90: Through the Desert (new)

One of several Knizia games you’ll find in this list. It’s an abstract game, although it has a desert theme. You’ll basically build your own routes through the deserts by connecting camels in different colours. You get points by moving along an oasis or a watering hole. You will also get points, a lot of them if you do it well, by enclosing several areas on the board. Then, lastly you get points for having the longest route per camel colour. The rules are simple. You only place two camels per turn, so it plays rather quick. Simple, quick, but Through the Desert is also a very tactical game and that makes it fun for me.



89: Treasure Hunter (new)

If you have read some of my reviews, you know that I enjoy drafting very much. This is such a drafting game and is designed by Richard Garfield, of Magic: The Gathering fame. The goal of the game is to collect treasures. Treasures give points and you can get them by getting card of a specific colour. There’s a treasure for the person with highest total amount and a treasure for the lowest total amount per colour. You can also fight goblins for points and money. And there are several treasures and cards  with special powers that you can collect throughout the game. A lovely simple drafting game, but it is deeper than you might think. You can teach it to everybody, but it offers quite some strategy.



88: Urbion (-59)

As you can see, Urbion dropped a lot of places. It’s not that I don’t like it anymore, I just don’t play it anymore. And that’s the case with pretty much all solo games. If Shadi Torbey creates a new game, I will still buy it though. His games are great. They look fantastic and are very challenging. I just bought his latest, Nautilion, at the Spiel fair and can’t wait to try it. I do find that Castellion and Sylvion are slightly less fun than his fist two games, but they are still worth a try. If you want to know how this game plays, read my review. Now I just tell you, it’s a fun one, my number 88.



87: Shakespeare (new)

A game about theatre and putting up a play. This game has a lot of interesting elements and it’s probably only because I did not play it so often that it’s not higher than this. First I love the bidding mechanism. I’m not a bidding fan, but I like to bid with actions I can take for player order. The player who wants to take the fewest actions this round is the first player, which is pretty important in this game. With actions you can activate people and they let you advance and one of several tracks or let you buy stage pieces. You can also create better out for your actors, which makes them better. You can collect more people with better, or new abilities, but some of them will cost you a lot of money. This game is just very clever, the theme works really well, it plays very smoothly and it looks great as well.



86: Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective (-60)

This is also a, for me at least, solo game that dropped a lot of places. Firstly it is because, like I already said, just don’t play solo games that often. Secondly, because I’m just not as fond of the game as I was. After every game I was bit disappointed. Maybe in myself, I don’t know. The game is so difficult. After game one I just forgot about keeping score, it would just be too demotivating. However, over time I found it not as fun. I like the setting. I really like the idea of being the detective and strolling around London to talk to people and catch the bad guy. Sherlock Holmes as a story is great, but I just could focus on the great story anymore. It’s like having this awesome puzzle, with this stunning picture as a result. Well you never going to see the whole picture, just some clumps and a lot of loose pieces, because you just don’t know how they all fit together! OK, lets just try another time then..




85: Machiavelli (new)

A classic, and rightly so. In Machiavelli, or Citadels, you choose a character card. That character has a special ability, like an assassin that kills another character, a thief that steals gold from another player, a merchant receives extra gold if he own green buildings, or an architect, who draws extra buildings cards and may build extra buildings as well.  Things like that. And you can build buildings as well if you have enough money and these buildings give you points at the end of the game. All very simple to play and simple to explain, but the gameplay offers a lot of fun. Might not play it as much these days, but I still consider it a good and fun game.





84: Flash Point: Fire Rescue (new)

The coop that never was. At least in my household. This is a game I played once (maybe twice) as a true coop. Extinguishing fires and saving people with my brave fire fighters. Most of the time I played it solo. Why? Because no one wanted to play it with me. Because of the theme maybe? I thought it was cool. Because it’s a coop? We’d played Pandemic. I just don’t know. I think it’s a very solid, very fun coop game that looks good too.




83: The Resistance (-39)

The Resistance dropped many places, thirty-nine places. It’s not that I think it’s a bad game, or a boring game. In fact I think it’s quite fun. I think it’s the best social deduction game out there. Others social deduction games offered something extra or something new, but I could not say I liked them better. However, I do have to say that I’m just not that interested in this particular genre anymore. I don’t play these kind of games that often and I don’t want to, really. That’s why this one dropped so much. Good game, fun game, don’t play it these days.




82: Camel Up (new)

This clever little racing game grew on me. I did not get what the fuss was a about when I read about it. It was just OK when I played it the first time, but I like it better with every game I play. It’s just simple, crazy, hectic fun. It’s just betting on camels. There’s almost no game there, but the tiny choices you do have to make, make this game a success in my book. Shouts at the table, laughter, what do you need more?




81: The Prodigals Club (new)

A game where you try to lose all your money, positions, reputation and supporters by squandering your money on ridiculous things, being rude and practically giving all your stuff away for nothing. All of this takes place in a worker placement game with funny illustrations and where clever card play and good timing of your actions is very important. The game is modular, you can play with all three modules or a mix of just two. It’s quite thinky, but that also the charm of this game.


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