Top 33 Games of Interest – Spiel ’15 edition: part 2

In about four weeks the time has come again to travel to Essen, Germany and hopefully play a lot of cool new games. Here’s a list of thirty-three games that are on my radar, divided up into seven bite-sized pieces. Here’s part two, starring Adventure Land, Shakespeare, Pi mal Pflaumen, Hengist and Castellion.

Adventure Land – Michael Kiesling, Wolfgang Kramer

I looked at the rules, but still don’t get a good feeling on how the game plays, but it’s HABA’s first venture into more family style game, plus it’s a Kramer and Kiesling, so yeah, that’s why it’s on this list. In this game you go on several adventures that have different end-game scoring conditions and therefore have a different feel when you play the game. You collect resources, fight creatures and travel to illustrious places. Let’s see what Adventure Land brings.


Castellion – Shadi Torbey

A game from Shadi Torbey. I like Onirim, I like Urbion, I like Sylvion, so I probably will like Castellion. The game sounds like it’s a bit different from the earlier ones. You need to build a castle with tiles to defend yourself against monsters. That’s basically all I know. On the BGG page I can read that it’s a tile laying game, but I’m curious to see if it really are tiles or if it’s a card laying game instead.


Shakespeare – Hervé Rigal

In Shakespeare you have to manage everything that has anything to do with a play. You have to build sets, recruit actors and make costumes. You decide in advance how many actions you want to take and that determines the player order for instance. Characters you use in a turn have to rest during the next turn, so you have to use them wisely. You lose or earn points according to your ambiance, during rehearsals you can earn points as well and at the end you have to pay your actors or otherwise you lose more points. This seems like a solid Euro game. Not an instant-buy, but it is one I’m interested in.



Pi mal Pflaumen – Matthias Cramer

A trick-taking game from Matthias Cramer, designer of many well-regarded games, like Lancaster and Rococo. Most of his games are big, heavier Euro games, so when a designer who only does big games comes with a smaller trick-taking game, I’m always interested. And a bit cautious at the same time. Pi mal Pflaumen is a game about fruit, there are fruit cards with a number, a special action and some also have a specific fruit mix icon. The game is played over three rounds of six tricks. Players play cards and the player with the highest number can choose one of the played cards and places it in his display, and sometimes he can also carry out the special action of that card. Everyone takes a card and the last player, who played the lowest card, can take the last remaining card, but she also gets a plum card. You might win a lot of tricks, but you only get points by creating specific fruit mixes. Those are displayed on certain cards, like collect three of the same kind of fruit, collect two pairs of different fruit or collect four plums. This looks like a cool and quick card game and it might go into my bag.



Hengist – Uwe Rosenberg

Uwe Rosenberg. Two-player game. Say no more.
Two Saxon brothers travel along the coast of Britain, you are one of them and you are going to discover more lands and lead their expeditions inland to obtain various treasures. It looks like you have to move through the land along certain routes by playing cards with matching symbols or colours. There’s really nothing more I know, but it’s Uwe, which means it’s probably at least a decent game.

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