Top 33 Games of Interest – Spiel ’15 edition: part 7

In about four weeks the time has come again to travel to Essen, Germany and hopefully play a lot of cool new games. Here’s a list of thirty-three games that are on my radar, divided up into seven bite-sized pieces. The last three games of the Top 33 Games of Interest – Spiel ’15 edition are OctoDiceInhabit the Earth and 7 Wonders: Duel. 


OctoDice – Christoph Toussaint

This dice game is inspired by Aquasphere from Stefan Feld. A player rolls six dice, three white and three black ones, and he has to combine one white and one black die to do a research action. You can perform two actions every turn, plus you can catch some octopi with your last dice if you have rolled a couple of octopus icons, otherwise the last two dice remain unused. All the actions sound pretty familiar when you’ve played Aquasphere, you do your research, you gather your crystals, and although I’m not the biggest fan of that game, this game does looks fun.


Inhabit the Earthspiel

Inhabit the Earth – Richard Breese

This cover looks familiar doesn’t it. That’s because it’s a tribute to the cover of Wildlife Adventure, a very fun game from Wolfgang and Ursula Kramer. Inhabit the Earth sounds like it’s a blast too. In his BBG geeklist Richard Breese writes the following:

As described on the box bottom Inhabit the Earth is a race game. The game is played on six continent boards. Players create their own menagerie of up to six creatures, each of which is represented by up to six cards, by using cards to introduce, multiply, evolve and adapt their creatures. Each of the 162 unique cards identifies a creature’s class, a continent and terrain that the creature inhabits and a special or scoring ability. Each class of creature is also represented by a counter. The cards are also used to trigger the movement of the counters along the trails on the boards and migration from one board to another. Breeding, achieved by flipping over a creature’s counter, generates new cards. Movement facilitates further breeding and the chance to secure tokens for additional icons and point scoring.

At the end of the game points are scored through abilities on the creature’s cards, the position of the creatures’ counters on the boards and from tokens. The player with the most points wins the game. Rules for an introductory game for up to three players are included.

Doesn’t that sound like a very fun game?



7 Wonders: Duel – Antoine Bauza, Bruno Cathala

Antoine Bauza.
Bruno Cathala.
7 Wonders.
Two-player game.
Enough said.
Bye! See you in Essen.

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