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Coup Review

Chaos. The government has fallen.  Some individuals see an opportunity to gain absolute power. But in every power struggle, there are victims. Don’t be a victim and rise to the top. Overview: What do you get for your money? 15 Character cards, 6 player aids, 50 coins and the rules. How do you play the game? There are 5 characters in the game, they all have a special ability. 3 Cards of each character. […]

Race for the Galaxy Review

Designer: Thomas Lehmann Publisher: Rio Grande Games Number of Players: 2-4 Playtime: 30 minutes Price (approx.): 30 Euro     In a distant future we have expanded far beyond our current boundaries. Our technology is much more advanced than it is now. We’ve discovered new worlds, seen strange organisms, found rare elements and on some of our expeditions we’ve seen hints of an advanced alien race. Abandoned ships, planets and writings that we cannot read.. What does […]

Hanabi Review

A game about fireworks, colourful fireworks that are going like ‘Boom!’ and ‘Iiiiih!’ and ‘Woosh!’ and then people go like ‘Aahhh…’ In Hanabi, a cooperative card game from Antoine Bauza, you and your friends work together to create an amazing firework show. You have to place coloured cards on the table in the right order. However you cannot see the front of your own cards. Oh no! The other players have to guide you […]

Aladdin’s Dragons Review

Morgenland (999 Games // Dutch version)  Designer: Richard Breese Publisher: 999 Games Number of Players: 3-5 Playtime: 90 minutes Price (approx.):  20 Euro Long, long ago, a powerful sultan ruled over a bustling Persian city. He, once, was a rich man, but not anymore. All his treasures were stolen and hidden in the deep caves below the city, guarded by dangerous dragons. The sultan wants his treasures back and will reward the ones who […]

Saboteur Review

Designer: Frederic Moyersoen Publisher: 999 Games Number of Players: 3-10 Playtime: 30 minutes Price (approx.): 10 Euro Dwarves dig deep. They want gold. And fast. At least most of them. A minority just wants to run through the mines, dig in wrong directions, destroy tunnels and wreck tools. Who are they? No one knows. Overview: What you get for your money: A small box: 110 playing cards and the rules. How do you play […]

Suburbia Review

Designer: Ted Alspach Publisher: Bézier Games Number of Players: 1-4 Playtime: 60-90 minutes Price (approx.):  50 Euro A small town located in the shadows of a major city, just some houses and a park. A factory is built, money is made and new people arrive from the countryside, attracted by the growing wealth. Quickly this borough is bursting at the seams. All these new hands must be put to work and their kids must […]

De Mol Recensie

Het verzet is geïnfiltreerd! Niemand vertrouwt elkaar nog. Wie is een verzetsstrijder en wie is een Mol? Ondertussen moet het werk gewoon doorgaan, er moet een regering ten val worden gebracht, missies moeten worden volbracht. Maar wie neem je mee en wie laat je thuis in De Mol, een spel van Don Eskridge en 999 Games. Overzicht: Een korte uitleg: Aan het begin van het spel worden er rol kaarten uitgedeeld. Een speler is […]

The Resistance Review

Dark times. An evil government sows fear amongst their people. The streets are empty at night. Adversaries are disappearing. A whole nation is silenced. But there are whispers in the dark, whispers of a group. A group of brave people who dare to take a stand against the mighty Empire. But the Empire is cunning and has infiltrated this group, trying to break The Resistance apart. Overview What do you get for your money? […]