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Maximum Throwdown Review

Designer: Jason Tagmire Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group Number of Players:2-6 Playtime: 20 minutes Price (approx.): 15 Euro Aliens fighting Dragons, fighting Samurai, fighting Demons, fighting Werewolves, fighting Pirates. Yes, you are eight years old again. Overview: What you get for your money: The rules and 106 cards: location cards, reference cards and cards you can throw on a table or on the floor. How do you play the game: Everybody takes a deck of […]

Among the Stars Review

The universe has been ravaged by a terrible war. Death and destruction were the rule rather than the exception. But peace is on the horizon. All major races have been united in the Alliance. The first task of that alliance is to repair what has been destroyed, starting with the many space stations. Overview: What do you get for your money? Lots of (square) cards, 152 to be precise. A score board, with 4 […]

King of Tokyo Review

Giant monsters, bunny robots, aliens from far, far away and the king himself are destroying Tokyo. Not Elvis, but a giant gorilla! Who will die and who will survive, who will be the King of Tokyo? Check it out in this dice-chucking game from Richard Garfield. Overview What do you get for your money? 6 Monsters and 6 monster boards, 66 cards, some energy cubes, 8 dice, a little board of Tokyo and some […]

Love Letter Recensie

In Love Letter, een minuscuul spelletje van Seniji Kanai en uitgegeven door 999 Games, probeer je de prinses, die doordat haar moeder gevangen is genomen erg verdrietig is, op te vrolijken door haar liefdesbrieven te sturen. Verschillende karakters aan het hof proberen je daarbij te helpen en diegene die de meeste brieven bij haar bezorgt is de winnaar van het spel.  Overzicht: Een korte uitleg: Het spel bestaat uit 16 kaarten. Op elke kaart […]

Love Letter Review

Betrayal in the city state of Tempest! Queen Marianna is captured. Her gorgeous daughter, Princess Annette, is very sad.Her mother is her life. She locked herself in her tower and she does not want to see anyone. A knock on the door. “Your Highness! I’ve got something for you…” Overview What you get for your money? Love Letter comes in a beautiful red velvet bag (at least if you have the AEG ‘Tempest’ version) […]

Mage Knight: the board game – The Lost Legion Review

Expands: Mage Knight: the Board Game Designer: Vlaada Chvátil Publisher: WizKids Games Number of Players: 1-5 Playtime: long, 2-3 hours Price (approx.): 40 euro General Volkare is back with his Lost Legion on his side. Nobody knows what he wants. The only thing we do know is that he hates the Mage Knights. He finds them, chases them and kills them if he can. Does he do it without any self-interest or does he […]

Mage Knight: the Board Game Review

Designer: Vlaada Chvátil Publisher: WizKids Games Number of Players: 1-4 Playtime: long, 2-3 hours Price (approx.): 70 euro In Mage Knight: The Board Game, you are, yes, a Mage Knight. You will explore lands, conquer cities and slay terrible creatures in even more terrible places. But you cannot do it alone, you’ll have to learn all kinds of stuff from zealous monks and you’ll need to gather an army around you, because the night […]

Ticket to Ride Review

Designer: Allan R. Moon Publisher: Days of Wonder Number of Players:2-5 Playtime:45-60 minutes Price (approx.): 40 euro  Overview: Ticket to Ride is a train game, a route building game and it comes in different shapes and sizes, but the basic idea is this: on a map of some country, different routes are illustrated. They have different lengths and different colours. At the start of the game you get some tickets and you choose which […]