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Carcassonne Review

Designer: Klaus-Jürgen Wrede Publisher: 999 games and others Number of Players: 2-5 Playtime: 30 minutes Price (approx.): 20 Euro Overview: The meeple, a little wooden man. It started with Carcassonne. In this game you place tiles with illustrations of the French countryside. On these tiles you can see roads, fields, monasteries and parts of larger cities. On these tiles you are going to place your meeples. You start the game with eight of them. […]

The Settlers of Catan Review

Designer: Klaus Teuber Publisher: 999 games and more Number of Players:3-4 Playtime:90 minutes Price (approx.):  40 Euro Overview: You are trying to colonise an island, by building roads, villages and cities. To do so, you need raw materials, namely ore, grain, wood, stone and sheep. On every resource tile lies a number, if you role that number and your village or city is located next to this tile, you get the goods. Every player […]

Mice and Mystics Review

Designer: Jerry Hawthorne Publisher: Plaid Hat Games Number of Players: 1- 4 Playtime: 90 minutes Price (approx.): 60 euro or more  The king lies in his bed, sleeping, he is very ill. The dark queen Vanestra takes over the reign of the kingdom and captures the ones who are still loyal to him. Collin, the Prince, Tilda, the healer, Nez, the smith and Maginos, the mystic are thrown into a damp dungeon cell. Here, […]



Hi!I’m Rowdy. I live in the Netherlands, studied hydrology and I like board and card games. I play a game almost every day now. Just to have fun and not watch TV or stare at my computer.Mostly I play board games with my girlfriend and once every one or two weeks I have diner with friends, drink beer and play some games. When I can’t find anyone else, I also play games solo.I’ll be […]