Kickstarter Preview: Knee Jerk

Knee Jerk is a small party game of instant reactions from Andrew Federspiel and Knapsack Games.

Shout out the first thing that comes to mind. Maybe Brain Jerk would be better title for this game.


The basic idea of the game is that players make up, by shouting sentences, making faces or making gestures, endings to specific scenes.

On every card you find three parts of a sentence. These individual parts describe a scene. The green beginning describes a feeling, the blue part describes a location and the orange part describes a reason for you actions.


One player hosts the game. He or she places two cards in a row, the first and second part of the scene are known by everyone.

I Feel Like I Should Change My Clothes In Outer Space

Then the host draws another three cards, chooses one orange ‘ending’, places it next to the two other cards and reads aloud.

I Feel Like I Should Change My Clothes In Outer Space Because I’m Covered In…

Then all players call out an ending to the scene.

Moon-mud! Alien mucus! Astronaut urine!

The first player that gives an ending, gets the leftmost card that counts as one point. If more than one player answers, the host may choose his favourite.

The first player that gets four points wins the game and the winner must host the next game.


This is a light fun party game for witty people. Make up the most funny or surprising endings to many different scenes. A game to play with your family at birthdays or with your friends while enjoying a beer. Not a game for the silent types, really.

If you are or play with people who hate the pressure of being funny and witty, this is not for you. If you and your friend like to talk nonsense and you are always trying to be the funniest anyway, this is definitely a game for you.

The points do not really matter. This game just gives you the tools to have a laugh and a good time.

The Kickstarter campaign will start on September 16th . Check it out!




Thanks to Knapsack Games for providing me a preview copy.

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