On Kickstarter: A quick look at Privateers!

Privateers! A cooperative, team or solo pirate game set in a strange world of monsters, magic and aliens. Aliens? Yes, you heard it right. During the Golden Age of pirates you will sail the seas with your mighty crew and fight whoever you can. No demon can stop you to become the richest privateer in the region.


Privateers! is a game for one to six players. You can play it like a normal competitive game with two or three players, a team against team game with three to six players, a cooperative game for two to six players and you can also play it solo.

It’s the first game from Myling Games and it is designed by Tina Engström.


You take the role of a privateer for one of four great colonial powers; Great Britain, France, Spain and The Dutch Republic (yeah!). Choose a captain, buy a ship and recruit a crew, and you’re off.

You can plunder colonies, conquer enemy ships and hunt both pirates and merchant ships for
great riches! And glory of course.


The world is composed of multiple hexagonal tiles and every game will be set in a different pirate paradise. There are loads of cards in this game. There are 12 different captains with different stats. There are different ships that can be upgraded, 72 crew cards that can man your ship and 90 events that might happen.


During the game you can sail the seas, discover new parts of the world or leave your ship and go ashore and raid a colony. Then you can or must fight your battles! Or are you a coward and will you retreat? Sometimes specific events might happen, like the discovery of some castaways or an encounter with the Flying Dutchman.


After you’ve performed all your actions, it’s up to your enemies. Bad things will happen; The Inquisition, Pirate Hunters or maybe an outbreak of Paranoia. Your enemies might cross your path and wreak havoc on the seas.

To win this game you have to gain glory and become the most influential Privateer!

If you like what you’ve read here, you can support Myling Games by going to their Kickstarter page.



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