On Kickstarter: a quick look at Elf Dance

Elf Dance is the first game from Games Within Worlds.

It is a card game, for two to three players, set in a magical Faery world where you try to recruit as many Faeries and Goblins as possible.


In this game you are one of the three Faery Clans and you play against the other players and the game itself, the Goblin Clan. The game can win.

Each player receives four cards to start with and a random blue clan card. The red clan cards are shuffled and placed on the table in row and this shows the clan hierarchy. You must also reserve a spot for the Faery Ring, left of the draw pile, and the Goblin Chain, to the right of the draw pile.elfdance4Every card, Faery or Goblin, has a value from one to six and shows to which clan it belongs. It also has a special ability and maybe some notes.

During a turn the active player can play a Faery card which beats (a higher number or the same number, but higher in the hierarchy) the Faery card left by the last player on the top of the Faery Ring pile. If that player can’t beat it or doesn’t want to beat it, the ability of the top card of the Faery Ring is triggered and the previous player may do that action.

Then, you may attack goblins in the Goblin Chain. If you have a Faery card that can beat a Goblin card, you may place that card and the goblin card onto your recruit pile. Every card on you recruit pile is worth one point at the end of the game.

After that, you must place all the enchantments in you hand in front of you. They are in effect until they are no longer in front of you. Other players can steal them from you. Enchantments can give or cost you points.

During the next phase, the active player must play Instigator cards, if they have them. These cards will cause the goblins in the Goblin Chain to attack and their abilities are now active. This is how the game itself, the Goblin clan, can capture Faery cards and if the goblins have more cards than any other player at the end of the game, the Goblin clan wins the game.

Finally, the active player must draw up to four cards, or five if his clan is at the top of the hierarchy track, from the draw deck. This ends his or her turn.

The game ends when the draw pile is empty and any player has only one card in his or her hand. If your clan is at the top of the hierarchy track, you get five points, if you are second, three points. The players (and the Goblin clan) get one point for each card in their recruit pile. The player with the most points wins the game.

If you like what you’ve read here, you can support Games within Worlds by going to their Kickstarter page.



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